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What are three outcomes of injury?
Resolution, Regeneration, & Repair
Will normal function be returned to a system after repair?
No. Scar tissue will form.
Give an example of a labile cell:
Epithelial cell
Provide an example of a stable cell:
Name two examples of quiescent cells:
Myocardium, neuron, etc.
Give two functions of the stroma:
1. Mechanical scaffold for organ, 2. Provides nutrients to the parenchyma
Regeneration is dependent on 3 things:
1. Cell type, 2. Condition of the Stroma, 3. Number of cells present.
How much of the liver can you lose and still regenerate it?
Up to 2/3 loss.
What is one stromal effect of type 1 diabetes?
Filling of Islets in the pancreas with stroma.
What's one problem which could affect regeneration in the liver?
Dense stromal accumulations forming nodules from Cirrhosis
Will you get regeneration or repair in the case of a burst Abscess?
What's the defining characteristic of a Primary Union?
Sterile, clean cut.
State 5 steps of healing/repair:
1. Hemostasis, 2. Acute Mild Inflammation, 3. Granulaiton, 4. Epithelialization, 5. Cicatrization
What does fibrin polymerization create?
A clot, and a scaffold for healing/repair.
What does VEGF cause?
Vascular endothelial growth factor will cause angiogenesis
What is bFGF?
Basic fibroblast growth factor will be chemotactic to fibroblasts.
Describe granulation tissue:
Neovascularization & wetness
Give the steps of angiogenesis (5):
1. Proteolysis of ECM, 2. Migration/Chemotaxis, 3. Proliferation, 4. Lumen formation/inhibition of growth, 5. Increased permeability
What stops epithelialization from occuring all the time?
Contact inhibition
What type of collagen is irregularly arranged?
Type III
What type of collagen is arranged regularly during healing?
Type I
What's the defining characteristic of a Secondary Union?
Non-sterile, likely infected gaping wound.
Rattle off up to 8 things which will slow wound healing:
Infection, large wound, re-wounding, Vascular disease, CT disorder, malnutrition, smoking ,steroids, etc.
Steroids increase the activity of what enzyme?
Which vitamin will help patients on steroids heal?
Vitamin A.
Name two types of aberration to healing:
1. Exuberant Granulation, 2. Proliferation of Scar Tissue
What's an ocular manifestation of exuberant granulation?
Pyogenic granuloma
What are two manifestations of scar tissue proliferation?
Keloid and Cicatricial entropion
What two phases of healing/repair occur almost simultaneously?
Inflammation & Hemostasis
What does PVR stand for?
Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy.
"Star poles" are observed in:
PVR (Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy).
What do you call excess fluid in the abdomen?
Ascites [belly]
Histological analysis shows an accumulation of monocytes surrounding hepatocytes. What sort of inflammation is this?
Chronic Inflammation
An enlarged grainy hepatocyte. What sort of degeneration could cause this?
Hydropic degeneration.
Elevated PMNs: Chronic or Acute Inflammation?