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descrip patchy atelectasis
lamellar bodies of type II pneumonytes
cause lack of surfactant
phases of pneumonia
congestion, red hepatization, grey hepatization, resolution
pct cough fever sputum consolidation of lobe observe neutrophils and hemorrhage
red hepatization
pcte cough fever sputum consolidation of lobe observe degradation of RBC
grey hepatization
pct cough fever sputum x ray scattered patchy consolidation centered around bronchioles
most common cause of lung abcess
pte with with dry cough xray diffuse intersticial infiltrades, elevated cold aglutinins
atypical pneumonia cause mycoplasma pneumonis
subpleural caseous granuloma above or below the interlobar fissure
ghon focus
subpleural caseous granuloma below interlobar fisure with lymph node granuloma
ghon complex
pte with cough shortness of breath and noncaseating granulomas + elevated ACE
noncaseating granulomas with stellate giant-ctoplasmatic inclusions what it is the name of inclusions
asteroid bodies
hypercalcemia in sarcoidosis is due to
activation of vit D by no caseating granuloms
loss type I pneumocytes hyaline menbrane formation fluid accumulation in alveolar spaces
adult respirator distress syndrome
baby hours of birth develop tachypnea nasal flaring cyanosis xray ground glass reticulogranular densities
respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn
the baby develop after treatmetn fibrosis behind the lens inside the eye abnormal vascularization
cause by oxygen treatment the name is retrolental fibroplasia or retinopathy of prematurity, cans cause too bronchopulmonar dysplasia
creatinine is derived from AA
glycine and arginine
what is the storaged form of creatinine
creatinine phosphate
what is the principal action of aldosterona and where acts
promotes activity of Na/K ATPase in distal tubules and collecting tubules
what happend in ebstein anomaly
anomalous attachment of tricuspid leaflets result in downward displacement of tricuspid valve into right ventricle=tricuspid regurgitation
what is the MCC of epididymitis
E coli and Pseudomona in older,in less 35 n, gonorrhoeae and chlamydia trachomatis
pte with parkinson + depression how i treat?
use TCA like aminotryptyline because have anticholinergic properties
cardiac disease characteristic endocardium thickens secondary to increase fibrous and elastic tissue common left ventricule
endocardial fibroelastosis related to intrauterinal infections by virus MCC mumps
what is the histologic hallmark of ARDS
ARDS cause difuse alveolar damage hallmark formation of hyaline menbranes within the alveolar cavities
what is caracteristic of androgen insensitivity, and what is found in hormonal blood
androgen insensitivity xy genotype and female fenotype it has abnormal androgen receptor central and periphericaly, in lab high gonadotrophins = high LH = high testoreno secretion in leidyng cells
what is the only dna virus with Double strand
parpovirus, B19 is causative of aplastic crises in sickle cell, slapped cheeks rash, cause erythema infectiosum (fifth disease, hydrops fetalis)
what are the only DNA that are linear
those are papovavirus (HPV, JC) and hepadnavirus (HBV)
what is the only RNA virus that is Double stran
reovirus (reovirus and rotavirus first causative of fatal diarrhea in children
what are the RNA that are naked
naked CPR
calicivirus (HEV, Norwalk virus=gastroenteritis
picornavirus (PERCH= poliovirus, echovirus, rhinovirus, coxsackie, HAV)
reovirus (reovirus, rotavirus)
what mechanism compesate for heart failur
increase preload (> edv >sv), myocardial hypertrophy, redistribution of CO,and neurohumoral adjustements
what is the cause of peripheral edema in heart failure
increase Right atrial pressure
what is the mechanism of hypoxic respiratoy failure on ARDS
abnormal alveolar capilar permeability
what is the common characteristic of aortic stenosis murmur
crescemdp-decrecendo systolic ejection murmur
what causa angina pectoris in aortic stenosis
is cause by LV hypertrophy
what happend with LVPSP, PWP, LAP
the increase in left vent peak systolic pressure increase LAP(PWP)
holosystolic high pitched blowing murmur loudest at apex
mitral regurgitacion
common type of thyroid tumor associated with MEN II MEN III
medullary carcinoma arise from C cells (parafollicular) and secretes calcitonin, micro looks nest of polyglonal cells in amyloid stroma(precalcitonin)
codman's triangle, sunburst pattern in xrays
osteosarcoma (osteogenic sarcoma) commom males young (10-25) associated with Retinoblastoma involves metaphysis, around the knee,most common
macro large firm white tan mass with necrosis and hemorrhage
give actions of angiotensin II
vasocontriction afferent arteriol, release aldosterone, in kidney increase reabsortion of HCO3 and secrete acid in tubular, degrade bradikinins
pte treat with citotoxic drugs plus leukemia give a common complication
tumor lysis syndrome release of uric acid cause gout and renal failure, hyperkalemia, cause by dying tumor cells spread contents in to the stream
hyaline arteriolosclerosis
pink, glassy arterial wall thickening with luminal narrowing in DM non malingnant HTA and aging