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The Mullerian/paramesonephric duct system becomes what in the female GU tract?
unfused portions become fallopian tubes, the fused the uterus and upper vagina
What embryologic structure do the ovaries arise from?
Germ cells
Leukoplakic lesions of the vulva may be indicative of what underlying conditions?
Vitilgo, inflammatory dermatoses, carcionma in situ, Paget disease or invasive carcinoma
name two nonspecific inflammatory alterations of the vulva
Lichen sclerosis-characterized by subepithelial fibrosis, Squamous hyperplasia-epithelial hyperplasia
what are the 3 benign verrucous protuberances of the vulva
Condyloma acuminatum, Mucosal Polyp, Syphilitic condyloma latum
what is a Hidradenoma?
a papillary hidradenoma is identical in appearance to intraductal papilloma of the breast most commonly on labia majora or interlabial folds
what is the most malignant vulvar tumor and its precursors?
Squamous cell carcinoma-vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia, squamous cell hyperplasia, lichen sclerosus
how does vulvar Paget disease differ from Paget disease of the nipple?
In breast pagets 100% patients show underlying ductal breast carcinoma in vulvar lesions are most frequently confined to epidermis& adjacent hair folicles
what is the most common primary vaginal cancer?
Squamous cell carcinoma
Vaginal adenocarcinomas are associated with
Diethylstilbestrol use by mother during pregnancy
Sacroma botryoides is a tumor of
Infants and children younger then 5
Sacroma botryoides is a type of what tumor?
Nabothian cyst
retention cyst formed by the nabothian glands at the neck of the uterus
risk factors for squamous cell carcinoma of cervix
early age at 1st intercourse, multiple sex partners, male partners with several previous sexual partners
oral contraceptives are potential risk factors for what type of change in the cervix
squamous intraepithelial lesions
causes of acute endometritis
bacterial infectios that arise after delivery or miscarriage
causes of chronic endometritis
Chronic PID,, retained gestational tissue, intrauterine contraceptive devices and tuberculosis
some endometrial glands extend beneath the endomyometrial interface to form nests deep within the myometrium
the presence of endometrial glands or stroma in abnormal loctaions outside the uterus
dysfunctional uterine bleeding
abnormal bleeding in the presence of a functional disturbance rather than on organic lesion of the endometrium or uterus
what is the stimulus for endometrial hyperplasia
it is related to an abnormally high and prolonged level of estrongenic stimulation with diminution or absence of progestational ativity
simple sqaumous hyperlasia
uncommonly progress to adenocarinoma
complex squamous hyperplasia
less the 5% evolves to carcinoma
Atypical squamous hyperplasia
23% develop into adenocarcinoma
what are the risk factors for endometrial carcinoma
obesity, diabetes, hypertension, infertility
what is the most common invasive carcinoma of the female genital tract
endometrial carcinoma
what is adenoacanthoma
adenocarcinoma with squamous metaplasia
what is MMMT?
Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor-carniocarcinoma they consist of endometrial adenocarcinomas in which malignant differntitation takes place
what are the three histologic criteria for the diagnosis of leiomyosarcoma
degree of nuclear atypia, mitotic index, zonal necrosis
what is stein-leventhal syndrome
polcystic ovarian disease with presistant anovulation obesity hirsutism and rarely virilism
ovarian tumors arise from what three ovarian components?
Surface epithelial stromal tumors, sex cord stromal tumors, germ cell tumors
what microscopic feature is characterstic of serous papillary tumors?
psammoma bodies
what is a pseudomycoma pertonei?
condition associated with mucinous ovarian neoplasms
Benner tumor
most are benign adenofibromas
15 to 30% of endometroid carcinomas of the ovary are accompanied by
a carcinoma of hte endometrium
3 types of teratomoa
Mature (benign) teratoma, Monodermal or specialized teratomas, Immature malignant teratoma
what is the karyotype of all benign ovarian teratomas?
what is an immature teratoma comprised of?
tissue that resembles that observed in the fetus or embryo rather then the adult
what is the average age of incidence of immature teratoma
18 years
what are the two most common forms of monodermal teratoma
struma ovarii and carcinoid
what is dysgerminoma
the female counterpart of a seminoma in the testis
what is a call-exner body?
small distinctive gland like structure filled with an acidophilic material resembling immature follicles associated with granulosa cell tumors
describe a krukenberg tumor
metastatic gastric carcinoma to one or both ovaries
what is the triad of toxemia of pregnancy
hypertension, proteinuria and edema
what is the most common cause fo hematosalpinx?
tubal pregnancy
while most gestational choriocarcinomas are uterine what is the most common causee of extrauterine variety?
ectopic pregnancy
what is unusual about the metastasis patterns of choriocarcinoma
on occasion metastatic choriocarcinoma is discovered without a detectable primary uterus presumably cuz the primary has undergone total necrosis
name several placental abnormalities that may lead to intrauterine fetal demise
interruption of blood flow thru cord, ascending infection involving membranes, retroplacental hemorrhage, rupture fetal vessels
placenta accreta
adherence of placenta to myomterium caused by partial or complete absence of decidua
possible complications of placenta accreta
post patrum bleeding due to failure of placental sepration, placenta previa-implant of placenta to lower cervix
what are the 3 basic types of twin placenta
dichorinic-diamnionic, monochorionic-diamnionic, monochorionic-monoamnionic
what are two routes of placental infection and which is most common
ascending infection thru the birth canal (most common), hematogenous (transplacental)
cloudy amniotic fluid and yellow green opaque membranes are characterstic of what?
actue chorioamnionitis
what are two types of hydatidform mole?
partial mole and complete mole