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Which bacteria causes acne?
Proprionbacterium acnes. Proprionic acid is produced through glucose fermentation... lipases are produced which lead to an inflammatory response.
Name three types of normal flora:
1) Diphtheroids (large # equals proprionibacterium acnes)
2)Corynebacterium xerosis
3) gram + cocci (staph, alpha strep, and micrococcus).
Name 4 infections caused by staph aureus:
2)extension of folliculitis (furuncles aka boils, and carbuncles).
3)impetigo (communicable blisters--> replaced by crusts)
4)Scalded Skin Syndrome aka Ritter's Disease (epidermis detachment--> redness and wrinkling --> blister with fluid.
Name 3 infections caused by step pyogenes:
1)erysipelas (superficial skin infection. symp: chills, fever,etc)
2) Pyoderma (associated with poor hygiene. skin infection in small children)
3)Scarlet fever (upper resp tract infection. rash. bacteriophage produce toxin. diagnosed by shultz carlton blanching test. glomerulonephritis is a post strep possibility.)
Name the symptoms associated with a Bacillus anthracis infection (anthrax):
raised itchy bump--> ~1-2 days becomes a vesicle--> ulcer w/ necrotic area in the center. (cutaneous)
Another name for leprosy (caused by mycobacterium leprae) is?
Hansen's Disease
How is Leprosy diagnosed?
Acid fast bacilli, can be grown in mice and armadillos as well.
What are 2 clinical types of leprosy?
1) epromatous- most infectious. No Cell mediated immunity.
2) Tuberculoid- non-progressive, positive skin test, weak antibody response. treatment: Dapsone and Rifampin.
Trace the pathology behind wound infections:
organism-->tissue--> wound abscess (pus, WBC, organisms, fluid) = inflammation.
What are the most common wound causing agents?
Aerobes: Staph aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
What normal flora exist in the urethra?
Alpha strep, Group D strep, becterroides, Neisseria, Mycobacterium.
What normal flora exist in the genital tract?
What is pyelonephritis?
An ascending uti which reaches the kidneys. Pye looks like pee. THINK: Know it is associated with a uti.
What organisms cause most urinary tract infections?
Normal Flora. E. coli (80%), Proteus, Klebsiella, Group D strep.
What organism causes puereperal fever? How is it transmitted?
Strep pyogenes. Direct contact at childbirth with contaminated instruments or hands. THINK: puereperal, placenta (childbirth) and pyogenes all start with "p"
What is another name for Strep agalactiae? What characerizes this disease?
Group B strep. bacterimia and meningitis. THINK: algae is bluish in color (hence group B).
What organism causes toxic shock syndrome?
Staph aureus. THINK: As a woman, toxic syndrome affects "us".
Gonorrhea is caused by what organism?
Neisseria Gonorrhea
Syphilis is caused by what organism? How is it cultured?
Treponema pallidum. animal passage (rabbits).
What are the two types of syphilis?
Acquired and congenital
With aquired syphilis, what are the 3 forms of disease?
Primary (chancres form = painless ulcers that dissapper in 4-6 weeks). Secondary (red rash, sore throat, lesions on skin and mucous membranes). Tertiary (ulcerative lesions on skin, bones, and internal organs. loss of motor control, paralysis, insanity, death).
What is congenital syphilis?
Mother transmits organism to fetus resulting in miscarriage, CNS, mis-shaped or misplaced teeth.
How is syphilis diagnosed?
Non-treponemal Ab tests (VDRL screeing test with cardiolipid antigen. Kolmer CF- cardiolipid antigen.) Treponemal Ab tests (T. pallidum antigen is used. Fluorescent treponemal ab test. T pallidum immobilization test. CF)
What organism causes chancroid? How is characterized?
Hemophilus ducreyi. painful ulcers differ from syphilis. bubo=swollen lymph nodes.
What are the three routes in which an organism may reach the CNS?
Blood, nerves, and direct extension.