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congential megaloureter assoc w/
Hirschsprung's dz
ureteritis cystica is risk factor for
bladder adenocarcinoma
most common complication of retroperitoneal fibrosis
most common CA of ureter
developmental failure of ant abd wall & bladder
exstrophy of bladder
exstrophy is a risk factor for
bladder adenocarcinoma
most common cause bladder adenocarcinoma
urachal cysts remnants
drainage of urin from umbilicus
urachal cysts remnants
most common cause sepsis in hosp
indwelling cath
most common cause UTI in hosp
indwelling cath
red mucosa protruding thru ant abdomen of NB
exstrophy of bladder
cyclophosphamide tox prevent w/ mensa
hemorrhagic cystitis
egg w/ large lateral spine
schistosoma hematobium
foamy macrophages in bladder
Michaelis-Gutmann bodies
Malacoplakia assoc w/
chronic E. coli inf of bladder
bladder wall protrudes into vagina
urinary retention mech
inc SNS -> relax detrusor , contract IUS
urinary voiding mech
inc PNS -> contract detrusor, relax IUS
most common bladder CA
SCC of bladder caused by
schistosoma hematobium
TCC in bladder recurrence
most common sign TCC
painless hematuria
CA that invade bladder 2
cervical, prostate
abnormal opening on ventral surface of penis
most common malformation of urethral groove
hypospadias patho
failure closure urethral folds (androgen dysfxn)
abnormal opening on dorsal surface of penis
epispadias patho
defective genital tubercle
orifice of prepuce can't retract over head of penis
Peyronie's dz Sx 3
fibromatosis, lateral curvature of penis, infertility
Bowen's dz is
leukoplakia of penile shaft & scrotum
Erythroplasia of Queyrat is
erythroplakia on mucosal surface of glans and prepuce
Bowen's dz and erythroplasia are precursors for
penile SCC
multiple reddish brown papules on externial genitalia
bowenoid papulosis (not related to SCC)
viruses assoc w/ SCC of penis
HPV 16, 18
testes transabdominal phase depends on 1
mullerian inh factor
testes inguinoscrotal phase depends on 2
androgen, HCG
DDx orchitis 3
mumps, syphilis, HIV
epididymitis pt < 35
N. gonorrhoeae, c. trachomatis
epididymitis pt > 35
E. coli, P. aeruginosa
scrotal pain w/ radiation into spermatic cord
elevation of scrotum dec pain
Prehn's sign; epididymitis
varicocele more common on which side
L side
bag of worms in scrotum
most common cause testicular torsion
violent movement/trauma
Sx testicular torsion 2
absent cremasteric reflex, testis high in inguinal canal
most common testicular CA
testicular CA markers
testicular CA in child
yolk sac tumor
most aggressive testicular CA
testicular CA in pt > 60
malig lymphoma mets (DLCL)
testicular CA mets to which nodes
para-aortic nodes
acute prostatitis in <35 2
chlamydia, neisseria
zones for BPH 2
periurethral, transition
zones for prostate CA 1
most common cause bladder diverticuli
pain on DRE w/ inc PSA
prostate infarct
free v. bound PSA
free more assoc w/ BPH; bound more assoc w/ CA
FSH in men stim
LH in men stim
testosterone synth
sex-hormone binding globulin synth in
Sertoli cells, liver
4 causes leydig cell dysfxn
EtOH, renal failure, orchitis, radiation
Kallman's syndrome is 3
Auto dom; maldevelopment of olfactory bulbs & GnRH producing cells
majority male infertility caused by
seminiferous tubule dysfxn
most common cause impotence > 50 y/o
vasc insufficiency
PNS for erection
SNS for ejaculation
neuro causes for ED
most common germ cell tumor male