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define restrictive pulmonary disease
reduced expansion of the lungs, reduction in total lung capacity
name the 3 major categories of restrictive pulmonary causes
bony abnormalities, neuromuscular disease, interstitial lung disease
name at least 5 subtypes of interstitial lung disease
ARDS, NRDS, pneumoconioses, sarcoidosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, SLE, scleroderma, Wegener granulomatosis
what happens in ARDS and name 5 of 10 causes
diffuse alveolar damage leads to protein rich fluid into alveoli, causes: shock, sepsis, trauma, uremia, gastric aspiration, acute pancreatitis, chlorine, oxygen toxicity, bleomycin, SARS
what are the symptoms of NRDS
dyspnea, cyanosis, tachypnea
what type of cells secrete surfactant, what is surfactant made of
type II pneumoctyes, lecithin dipalmitoyl
what are the predisposing factors of NRDS, what are the associated complications
prematurity, diabetes mellitus, cesarean section, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, patent ductus arteriousus, brain hemorrhage, necrotizing enterocolitis
what are the 4 pneumoconioses
anthracosis, coal workers pneumoconiosis, silicosis, asbestosis
what is the offending dust particle in anthracosis and is it harmful
carbon in urban areas, no harm
what is the offending dust particle in coal workers pneumoconiosis, name the two types, name the pathological hallmark, and is it harmful
"coal dust, simple and progressive massive fibrosis, coal macules around bronchioles for simple, fibrotic nodules with black fluid for progressive, simple is inconsequential, progressive can cause bronchiectasis and pulm hyper
what is the offending particle in silicosis, name the 3 populations at risk, what the pathological hallmark is, and is it harmful
silicone, miners, glass manufacturers, stone cutters, silicotic nodules, the nodules can eventually block the airway, increased susceptibility to TB
which part of the lung does asbestos affect and how
lower lobes, diffuse interstitial fibrosis
what is the pathological hallmark of asbestosis
ferruginous bodies (yellow brown rod with clubbed ends stain positive with prussian blue)
what two cancers can asbestos cause
bronchogenic cancer, malignant mesothelioma
what is the pathology of sarcoidosis
noncaseating granulomas
what ethnic group and age does sarcoidosis effect
african lineage and young adult
name 3 symptoms and 2 lab abnormatlities of sarcoidosis
bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy, interstitial lung disease, erythema nodosum, polyarthritis, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, increased serum angiotensin converting enzyme
name the morphological change invovled with eosinophilic granuloma and the syndrome its associated with
birbeck granules (tennis racket), histiocytosis X syndrome
Pulmonary hypertension: is primary or secondary more common, what is the most common cause of both
secondary is more common, COPD causes secondary the most, primary is always idiopathic