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Never Let Monkeys Eat Bananas
-First cells to respond
-Kill bacteria
-Granules kill with superoxide burst
-Release leukotrienes to attract other cells
What are leukotrienes?
-They are eicosanoid lipid mediators produced from archidonic acid
-They act as autocrine/paracrine signals in inflammation
-Act like mast cells
-Granules contain histamine/heparin
-Release Leukotrienes
-Phagocytose AG/AB complexes
-Granules contain MBP and eosinophilic cationic protein
-Responsible for making ABs
-Participate in cell-mediated immunity, direct killing of bacteria, cells containing viruses, and CA cells
How do T cells attack?
They attack directly by physical contact
How do B cells work?
They transform into plasma cells and secrete ABs; the AB coated bacteria are then phagocytosed
What do monocytes do?
They migrate into tissues and become macrophages.
What do platelets release?
-PDGF: stimulate tissue healing
-Ca2+: key clotting factor
-ADP: promote platelet aggregation
-Serotonin & epi: vasoconstrictors
What cell line do RBCs derive from?
Which cell is committed?
Precursors (blast)
What hormone promtes teh growth and differentiation of erythrocyte precursors cells into erythrocytes?
What are the effects of erythropoietin?
1. Increase the number of proerythrocytes
2. Accelerate Hb synthesis
3. Allow premature release of reticulocytes from marrow into circulation
What are the basic steps of hematopoiesis?
1. Pluripotent stem cell makes multipotential cell
2. Multipotential cell makes progenitor cells
3. Progenitor makes precursor (blast) cells
4. Blast cell forms mature cell
What is a reticulocyte?
An immature RBC that contains RNA, mitochondria, and ~80% hemoglobin; it is also larger
What is serum?
Plasma with the clotting factors removed.
What is plasma?
Non-cellular component of blood
What is derived from the lymphoid cell?
What is derived from the myeloid cell?
Platelets, RBCs, granulocytes, and monocytes
What are the main components of plasma?
1. Water
2. Ions
3. Organic ions (AAs, proteins, glucose, lipids, nitrogenous wastes)
4. Elements and vitamins
5. Gases
What are the formed elements of blood?
-RBCs: 5,000,000/mm3
-WBCs: 7000/mm3
-Platelets: 250,000/mm3