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peripheral smear of megaloblastic anemias?
1. macroovalocytes (MCV>100)
2. Howell Jolly bodies (DNA fragments still present in RBC)
3. Hypersegmented neutrophils
hypersegmented neutrophils
megaloblastic anemia
what are Howell jolly bodies?
where do you see them?
-Howell Jolly boides=DNA fragments still present in RBC's

Seen in:
-Megaloblastic anemia,
-myodysplastic anemia (sickle cell)
Sx of vit B12 def
neurological problems (imagine Haley with neurological problems)
lab features of pernicious anemia
1. Auto-Ig (Anti-parietal cell, Anti-IF)
2. Achlorhydria
Pathophys of megaloblastic anemias
defective DNA syn and nl RNA/protein syn
-->affecgts myeloid cells
-->ineffective hematopoesis (RPI<2)
Sx of megaloblastic anemia
dyspepsia and glossitis
neurologic Sx seen in what Dz?
Vit B12 def (but not in folate def!)
lab features of folate def?
increased urinary excretion of FIGLU
what is aplastsic anemia
disturbance in prlif and diff of stem cells
-->non-fxn'al RBC's
et of aplastic anemia
acquired (MC),
inherited (Fanconi's anemia)