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how detect Ag-Ig rxns in leukocytes
how detect Ag-Ig rxns in platelets
ELISA or SPRCA (solid Phase Red Cell Adhesion Assay)
ABO Antigens determined by
single locus on chrom 9, which codes for a glycosyltransferase (makes sense since ABO=carbs/sugar (glycosyl))
which glycosyltransferase transfers what?
-"A" glycosyltransferase transferse N-acetylgalactosamine
-"B" glycosyltransfersase transfers D-galactose
-"O" codes for nonfuctioning protein (mutated A)
what is Landsteiner's law
after 6 months old, you develop Ig to the blood groups you don't have (does not require previous exposure to foreign RBC's)
Ig to A and B antigens are of what type
-Ig to A and B Ag are mostly IgM, thus ABO blood type deterined by direct agglutination at room temp w/o use of antihuman globulin (no Coombs reagent)
-Individuals with Type O also have IgG component
what is MCC of HDN?
ABO incompatibility
genetic code for Rh?
-one locus codes for presence/absence of D antigen
-second locus codes for 4 other common Ag: C, c, E, e
Rh+ means what?
-presence of D antigen
MCC of *severe* HDN?
Rh incompatibility (erythroblastosis fetalis)
what does a positive DAT mean?
presence of IgG or complement (C3b and C3d) on RBC's (a positive DAT is abnl!)