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ten year old with a chronic runny nose - tx any sinus problem - allergy or infection - good first choice
bi yan pian
pt. has dry unproductive cough - been treating for smoking - tongue is sl. red w/ little coat and
no coat at the tip and the pulse is a litte deep and rapid.
bai he gu jin wan
pt has cough with thick sticky mucous - sinus congestion and asthma - the cough is strong and loud with a sl. rapid pulse.
qing qi hua tian wan
tx sticky yellow mucous - difficult to expectorate and a barking cough
san she dan chuan bai mo
tx phlegm damp cough due to wind-cold or wind-heat
jie geng wan
tx cough - wheezing - asthma without accumulation of phlegm
ping chuan wan
pt. has cough with no phlegm began experiencing it after cleaning her garage. which tx is best?
chuan bei pi pa gao
tx low back pain and knee pain due to wind damp and cold bi with qi and blood deficiency
du huo ji shen wan
tx sciatic pain
zou gu sheng jing tong - selected sciatica pills
tx low back pain due to liver and kidney deficiency and contains acetaminophen.
te xiao yao tong ling
tx wounds - bleeding d/o - swelling - bruising from acute trauma - tx wind bi
yunan baiyao
best for acute fracture - mends bones -stop bleeding - relieves pain
zheng gu shui
plasters should be left on skin for ____________ and be replaced _________ bathing
24hrs - after
the foundation formula to generate qi due to weak spleen or lung function.
si jun zi tang
tx spleen qi deficiency with qi stasis and damp - tx root and branch - more effective than foundation formula to move qi in the middle jiao with mu xiang and sha ren added.
xiang sha liu jun wan
tx sinking middle jiao qi - tx aids because tx qi deficient heat and middle jiao deficiency
bu zhong yi qi wan
tx sp/st qi deficiency and qi stagnation with diarrhea and loose stool - good qi tonic - boost immune system - tx pediatric water accumulation in the ear.
sheng ling bai zhu pian
tx indigestion due to liver qi stagnation with spleen yang deficiency and accumulation of damp
mu xiang shu qi wan
tx chronic digestive problems due to stagnation of qi - damp - phlegm - uses er chen tang as it's base.
xiang sha yang wei wan
tx food stagnation with stoamch heat
aquilaria pill
tx acute food stagnation due to overeating or overdrinking without mucous
curing pills
tx excessive stomach acid due to rebellious stomach qi
wei ting ling
tx chronic constipation due to old age - weakness - postpartum
run chang wan
what is the tcm presentation of hemorrhoids
qi and blood stagnation with damp heat
tx pms - liver qi stagnation with blood deficiency and heat
jia wei xiao yao san
tx irregular menses due to liver qi stagnation with blood deficiency without heat
xiao yao wan
tx cramps due to blood stasis with accumulation of cold - also used to tx uterine fibroids.
shao fu zhu yu wan
tx cramps due to blood stasis with mild persistent bleeding and spotting after the period
gui zhi fu ling wan
tx cramps but not the cause
to jing wan
what is the most common cause of spotting and cramping in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.
heat in the uterus
tx bleeding or spotting during pregnancy due to blood deficiency with cold in the uterus.
jiao ai wan
tx bleeding or spotting during pregnancy due to qi and blood deficiency with heat
an tai wan
what can discharge that is bloody or have pus be a sign of.
chronic infection or cancer
tx vaginal discharge due to excess such as invasion of heat toxins
yu dai wan
tx vaginal discharge due to deficiency with pathogenic heat toxins
chien chen chih tai wan
tx menopausal hot flashes due to kidney qi deficiency and does NOT tonify the yang
he che da zao
tx menopausal hot flashes due to kidney qi and jing deficiency and tonifies the kidney yang
er xian wan
tx menstrual d/o due to blood deficiency and cold in the uterus.
dang gui gin
tx women's d/o and also spermatorrhea
he che da zao wan
What is the single most famous book written about 2000 years ago?
shan ha lun
What is NOT an advantage of using patent formulas?
can individualize the formula
What does MO mean?
a baby less than a month old takes how much of an adult dosage
1/3 of adult
a 42 year old wants to stop smoking and has a cough. the pulse is superficial and sl. rapid what do you suggest for this patient?
sang ju yin pian (mulberry leaf chrysanthemum drink tablets)
tx cough and runny nose due to wc when there is preexisting sp qi def with damp
xiao qing long wan
treats stiff neck due to wc
ge gen wan
treats ha, stuffy nose and achey neck and shoulders due to wc
chuan xiong chan tiao wan
tx early stage common cold or flu, where there is ha, fever, achey shoulders and neck and sore throat due to wh
gan mao ling
treats early stage cough due to wh
sang ju yin pian
tx wh, wei level, with sore throat, ha, and dry cough? also good for the first signs of feeling sick
yin qiao jie du pian
tx common cold or flu sinusitis with runny stuffy nose and allergy
pe min kan wan
best to treat fever due to wh at the shaoyang or yangming stage of cold or flu
gan mao tui re chongji
tx sinusitis with pain, stuffy and runny nose either acute or chronic
bi tong pian
treats mouth, throat, tooth or gum inflammation and is applied topically
xi gua shuang
tx sneezing, watery eyes, nose congestion and ha. new kitten at home - pale with a thin yellow coat
hua fen min gan wan
chronic runny, stuffy nose, with slightly yellow mucous
bi yan pian
sars, west nile - viral stuff - good patent?
ban lan gen chong ji
abdominal pain and distention - intestinal infection. t - slightly red w/yellow coat esp in mid p - rapid and slippery
huang lian su tablet
sore throat and can't talk
hou yan wan
mouth and throat pain, it's swollen and red
xi gua shuang
swollen glands in neck, sore throat, sore gums, fever, cough with mucous, ears feel infected
chuan xin lian antiphlogistic pills
sore throat and irritability - fever with dryness and thirst - mouth sores and nose bleeds. has bad breath
dao chi wan
treats fever in children where there is sore throat, dry mouth, swollen gums and earache
niu huang chieh tu pian
what is caution of jian pi wan
causes colic in breast fed infants
tx chronic sp qi deficiency with food accumulation
jian pi wan
what is the ingredient in he che da zao wan that astringes yin to the interior.
gui ban
what is the ingredient commonly used in women's formulas to regulate female hormones.
dang gui
blood tonics are discontinue during menses to not....
aggravates bleeding - creates heat
chun pi in yu dai wan is strong astringent and acts on what pathogenic heat toxin
tx liver qi stagnation with liver yang rising with headache - chest oppression - insomnia - palpitation - irritability - anxiety - fright.
chai hu long gu mu li wan
tx blood stagnation in the liver and spleen with distending pain in the costal region - epigastric pain - hepatomegaly - splenomegaly - menstrual cramps and small uterine fibroids.
ge xia zhu yu wan
tx shaoyang syndrome - blood sugar imbalances - menstrual d/o - all due to liver qi stagnation - malaria.
xiao chai hu tang wan
tx liver qi stagnation with liver yin & blood deficiency - with costal distension - esophageal reflux - esophageal constriction - hernia - menses d/o - dry eyes - menopausal d/o - tendon pain due to diabetes
yi guan jian wan
which is contraindicated for phlegm and damp
yi guan jian wan
tx lqs overacting on spleen / stomach with epigastric / costal distension - pain - poor appetite - belch - esophageal reflus - nausea - hiccups & indigestion after eating
shu gan wan
tx lqs with blood stagnation with costal fullness - cold hand & feet - pms - dysmenorrhea
it has a stronger fx than it's base formula to move qi & blood
chai hu shu gan san
tx lqs with blood stagnation with costal fullness - gastritis - epigastric / abdominal pain - pms
hepatomegaly - used by zhang zongjing to tx cold hands and feet in the shaoyang stage of
pathogenic wind invasion when qi & blood were bound up in the liver
si ni san
tx yin deficiency with yang rising and endogenous wind leading to hypertension or chronic
headaches. because of it's fx to dredge & open the channels & collaterals it is particularly useful
after a stroke
zhen gan xi feng tang
best to tx mild ha - blurry vision due to yang deficiency with qi & blood deficiency. it tx hbp
facial paralysis - deficient bi syndromes - def. wei syndromes - def. headaches - trembling &
twitching limbs & early stage parkinson's.
tian ma gou teng yin wan
tx hypertension due to yin deficiency - liver yang rising - good to start with in tx of hypertension - tx vertigo - dizziness - headache
Jiang ya pian
tx mild to moderate hypertension due to liver yang rising - gradually reduces cholesterol
Fu fang du zhong pian
tx hbp in the elderly - angina - dizziness - mild ha - numbness or tingling in the limbs - poor
memory - vertigo - insomnia.
Tian ma mi huan pian
when treating liver-gallbladder damp-heat you may suggest to the patient to
Stop eating spicy and greasy
tx gallstones by dissolving them
Li dan pian
tx heat and damp in the liver/gb - is effective in all 3 jiaos - caution is that prolonged use
may injure spleen yang - use care in pregnancy
long dan xie gan tang
tx damp heat in lv/gb - moves blood - good for jaundice
Ji gu cao pian
tx qi stagnation in gb affecting the stomach causing phlegm in the interior
Wen dan tang
cautions with long dan xie gan wan?
Damages SP & caution with pregnancy
what is an example of pathogenic heat in the gb
Chemical toxins
tx heart blood stagnation causing chest pain - headaches - epigastric oppression with belching.
xue fu zhu yu tang wan
tx heart blood stagnation in the upper jiao affecting blood vessels of the head and face.
tong qiao huo xue teapills
tx heart blood stagnation where there is hardening of the arteries which caused poor circulation
to the brain
tx heart blood stagnation - improves circulation to the brain to increase function - enhances
memory and concentration and inhibits the effects of aging.
yin xing ye
dan shen has what effect
reducing blood emboli - used to prevent administer after stroke or heart attack
mao dong qing is an herb that
breaks down accumulation of blood lipids
reduces cholesterol - aids in prostaglandin formation - is a source of high quality essential
fatty acid and help hormone regulation.
yuejian caoyou jiao wan
tx elevated blood lipids and cholesterol - also used in weight loss.
shan zha jing jiang zhi pian
treats difficult sleep with accumulation of phlegm or food stagnation
An Mien Pien
tx insomnia - cools deficient heat - tonifies qi - invigorates the blood
Tabellae Suan Zao Ren Tang
used the most for insomnia - nourishes heart blood and yin - clears blood heat and cools
deficient heat
Tian Wang bu Xin Dan
tx insomnia due to blood and yin deficiency with poor memory and concentration and brain
Bu Nao Wan
tx disturbed shen due to weak kidney - heart relationship causing yang to rise with stubborn
insomnia - anxiety - nightmares
Anshen Buxin Wan
tx disturbed shen with strong mental d/o due to phlegm misting the heart - also useful for vision problems due to heart fire.
Tse Zhu Pills
tx disturbed shen due to excess and deficiency
Shui de an Capsules
tx acute uti due to endogneous or exogenous factors with dark, cloudy, bloody urination
with pain.
Ba Zheng San Wan
tx deficient prostate swelling due to spleen and kidney deficiency\
Kai Kit Pills
tx acute or chronic kidney and ub stone attacks and dissolves stones so they can be passed.
Te Xiao Pai Shi Wan - Specific Drug Passwan
tx urinary difficulty with cold deficient kidney patterns with cloudy urine - distended sense
in lower abdomen
bi xie fen qing teapills
tx urinary difficulty with heart shen disturbance causing insomnia - poor memory - fatigue - palpitation - and is good to tx childhood bedwetting.
Sang Piao Xiao Wan
tx difficult urination due to water retention in the taiyang stage affecting the ub and disrupting
the flow of water - it also addresses water retention leading to a build up of fluids in the muscle and skin layers.
Wu Ling San Wan
tx accumulation of water in the skin with sx's of of heaviness - distention - fullness in epigastrium - difficult urination - labored breathing due to accumulation of fluid in the lung
Wu Pi Yin
tx urinary diff. and retention of fluid due to spleen and kidney yang deficiency or external w/c affecting the taiyang stage.
Zhen Yu Tang
tx urinary diff. and retention of fluid due to wind damp invasion with pre-existing spleen qi deficiency / wei qi deficiency - addresses the root and the branch
Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan
tx. male sexual dysfunction with nocturnal emission - urinary dribbling - leukorrhea - excessive sweat - and is good to use for childhood bedwetting.
Jin Sou Gu Jing Wan
tx excess pattern of prostate swelling.
Long dan xie gan tang
Acne marked by redness due to blood heat andstasis causing skin problems?
Margarite Acne Pills
Acute skin itching due to blood heat or liv heat, tx hives or eczema due to excess?
Lienchiaopaitu Pian
Itching due to blood heat w/some def of yin & blood, tx hives and eczema?
Xiao Feng Wan
Fungal infections on the skin and nails?
Xianshi Texiaoyao
Skin itching in neurodermatitis, chronic eczema and chronic psoriasis, rosacea due to qi and blood def with blood dryness?
Nourish the Surface Teapills
Skin itching such as hives, certain fungal infections psorasis, rosacea due to wind dryness damaging the blood?
Kai Yeung Pill
Hair loss due to blood def and poor circulation?
Alopecia Areata Pill
Hyper pigmentation disorders?
Patch Removing Pill
Acute eye infections or red eyes due to endogenous liver heat? Excess tearing of eyes due to liv & kid yin def w/empty fire?
Ming Mu Shang Ching Pian
Cataracts and visual sx due to aging, lv blood def, and yin def?
Zhang Yan Ming
Dryness of eyes due to liv & kid def?
Qi Ji Di Huang Wan
Type II diabetes by nourishing yin, generating fluids and stopping thirst, contains jing?
Yeuchung Pills
Heat toxin inflammations affecting the blood, lymph or organ level. Malignant tumors, side effects of radiation and viral infections?
Oldenlandia Capsules
Facilitate excretion of stored nicotine through the stool and urine and reduce cigarette cravings?
West Lake Stop Smoking Tea
Excess weight due to fat and damp?
Bojenmi Tea
Tx wei and ying qi, raises yang, secures ext., discharges pus and moves urine?
Zhong Guo Bei Qi Jing
Tonify ying, spleen and wei qi, tonifies ht qi def?
Shen Qi Wan
Tonifies wei qi while securing the ext, stops sweat,
good for chronic runny nose and qi tonic during hayfever
and allergy?
Jade Screen Tablets
Tx spleen, lung, and heart qi, general ying tonic?
Zhong Guo Hong Shen
Tx blood def. and invigorates blood, regulates menses,
moisten intestines, foundation formula for blood def?
Si Wu Tang
Tx menopausal sx due to blood def and cold? Tx blood def. and liv & kid def to regulate menses, moistens the intestines and regulates hormones, warms blood
and uterus?
Dang Gui Su
Chronic blood, yin, and jing def, counters liver fire, benefits the kid and strengthen tendon and bone?
Shou Wu Pian
Blood def. following trauma or surgery or excess menses,
builds blood and dissolves clots?
Tienchi Capsules
Tonify Qi & blood plus benefits jing & strengthens tendons & bones?
Ren Shen Shou Wu
What patent is a combo of Si Wu Tang Si Jun Zi Tang?
Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan
Tonify qi & blood, calms shen, secures qi, contains blood nourishes heart blood, used for aplastic anemia?
Gui Pi Wan
Tx qi & blood, warms yang, calms shen, tonifies sp & ht
qi, tx hypothyroid & slow healing wounds?
Yang Yin Wan
Best tx yin def, also tx general kd weakness, diabetes?
Zuo Gui Pills
Tonify qi and blood, tx habitual miscarriage?
Liu Wei Di Huang
Best to tonify yin & benefit kd, cools def heat, & contains
jing. Good to tx dry eyes, mouth, throat, & vagina. Tx weak low back & hypertension due to KD yin def?
Liu Wei Di Huang
What patent tx the 5 delays?
Liu Wei Di Huang
Best to tonify yin, clear heat & subdues def fire moving up?
Zhi Bai Di Huang
Best to tx kd & lv yin def w/tinnitus, chronic ear congestion hypertension due to kd yin def?
Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan
Kd yan def complicated by qi & blood def, strengthen tendon/ligaments, weak low back/leg, urinary dysfunction w/
frequency or dribbling?
Du Zong Bu Tian Su
Chronic kd qi & yang w/lumbar weakness/pain, weak knees
coronary heart disease, male impotence, female infertility,
Addison’s disease?
You Gui Wan
Warms mingmen fire, benefit kd qi, tx lower back pain/
weakness, cold pattern urinary disturbance, cataracts?
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
Kd yang def w/fatigue, cold limbs, weak low back, poor
circulation, shortness of breath, asthma, strengthen kd/lu/sp/ht?
Ge jie Da Bu Wan
Systemic qi, yang & blood def, tonify sp, ht qi &
kd yang/qi/jing def, tx fatigue, poor digestion, SOB, wounds that won’t heat?
Lu Rong Jing
Kd qi/yang/jing def, increase sperm count & motility?
Wu Zi Yan Zang Wan
Kd def of blood & jing, impotence, failure to maintain
erection, spermatorrhea, post ejaculation weakness?
Kang Wei Ling
Kd yang/jing def w/impotence, frequent urination, lumbar
pain, cold extremities, poor memory, swollen scrutum or prostate
due to cold?
Nan Bao Capsules
Qi, blood, yin, and yang def affecting the ht, irregular pulse,palpitations, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, numbness worse w/ Teapills
Zhi Gan Cao Tang
Qi & yin def predominating over yang def, generates fluids & stops sweating, tx fatigue, chronic dry cough, difficult
Sheng Mai San
Best to tx yang, qi, & blood def, fatigue, dry hair & skin, cracked nails, poor concentration or memory, palpitations,
spontaneous sweating, weak limbs, scanty periods, profuse
menses. Also tx chronic ulcers, diabetes, cirrohsis?
Shi Quan Da Bu Wan
Tx systemic qi, blood, yin & yang def w/root def in
sp, ht, & kd. Fatigue, poor concentration or memory
insomnia, palpitations, restlessness, cold limbs. Good
tonic for elderly, contains herbs to help move qi?
Yang Rong Wan
Best to tx ht & kd qi & yin def, insomnia, dizziness,
poor memory, fatique, palpitations. Also moves stag of qi
& blood leading to chest oppression & pain, sore limbs,
painful joints. Can be used as qi tonic following radiation
chemotherapy & surgery?
Wu Jia Shen Jiao
What patent is used by the Russians in the 50’s & 60’s
for their athletes to enhance adrenals & endocrine?
Wu Jia Shen Jiao
Best to tx qi, yang, yin def following childbirth, prolonged illness & surgery, also tx cough & phlegm
Dong Chong Xia Cao
What tx systemic qi, blood, yin, yang & jing def esp after
childbirth, also tx blood from surgery, traumatic bleeding,
tx fatigue?
Tai Pan Tang Yi Pian
What is the super secreat ingredient in Kong Wei Ling?
Wu Gong
Gecko/Ge Jie is a _____tonic and is used to tx ____ def
affecting the ______?
Shu Di Huang is a relatively ______ herb & can aggravate
______ and ______ causing bloating, nausea, or loose stools?
Most Kd tonics should be discontinued during colds & flu b/c tonics tend to drive pathogenic factors into the interior?
Kd tonic are warming & moistening?
10 flavor teapills & Yang Rong is based on what formula?
Ba Zheng Tang
Cautions with Long Dan Xie Gan Wan?
Prolonged use can Damage sp yang - Caution w/pregnancy
Are an example of pathogenic heat in the GB?
Chemical toxins
Pinyin for Powder?
Take w/ herbs to guides and cool?
Green Tea