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は (wa) topic marker i.e. I
わたしは (watashi wa)
が (ga) subject marker (one doing the action) i.e. I
わたしが (watashi ga)
を (o) direct object marker, the "thing" acted apon i.e. (I) drink coffee
kohi を (o) nomimasu
へ (e) directional marker. to, toward (can also use に) i.e. (I) am going to Tokyo
tokyo へ (e) ikimasu "or" tokyo に (ni) ikimasu
に (ni) indirect object (receiver) i.e. I give you a book.
watashi は(wa) anata に(ni) hon を(o) agemasu
に (ni) place where something is going to i.e. I am going to Tokyo
Watashi は(wa) tokyo に(ni) ikimasu
に (ni) time (at, in) i.e. I wil return at 7
(watashi wa) nana ji に(ni) kaerimasu
に (ni) in/at a place i.e. (I) am in Tokyo
tokyo に(ni) imasu
に (ni) purpose (to) i.e. Let's have coffee
kouhi に(ni) shimashou
で (de) by means of i.e. Let's go by (means of) car
kuruma で(de) ikimashou
で (de) place where action happens i.e. (I) watch tv at home
uchi で(de) terebi を(o) mimasu
で (de) cause, reason i.e. because of work I wake up
shigoto で(de) watashi が(ga) okimasu