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Maximilian Robespierre
Leader of the reign of terror
Parties organized by women to discuss enlightenment ideas
Industrial revolution
Population growth Mass production. no quality control.
james watt
Mofified and improved the steam engine.
Agricultural revolution
massive increase in agricultural productivity and net output.
Thomas Malthus
Population control
social contract
standard of how one functions in society, govt is a revokable trust
Wealth of Nations
By Adam Smith the father of economics.
Thermidorian Reaction
Fall of reign of terror and attack on egaltarian politics
Island Napolean Bonaparte is from
Directory of five guys running everything
Battle of Trafalgar
Greatest naval battle of Napoleanin time
Napoleanic Code
French civil code.Changed the rules of law.
Continental system
Embargo/Napolean against Great britain and Ireland
Napoleans first wife