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Yeast are _____________ unicelluar fungi.
Are yeast unicellular or multicellular?
How many times bigger are yeast compared to bacteria?
5 to 10 time bigger
What 3 shapes can yeast show?
1. Ellipsoidal
2. Spherical
3. Cylindrical
Unlike molds, yeast do not have what 2 things?
1. Aerial hyphae
2. Supporting sporangia
Yeast reproduce what?
Asexually by budding or fission
What 2 types of asexual reproduction does yeast exhibit?
Budding or fission
Describe budding reproduction.
Asymmetrical; a bud forms (daughter cell) from the parental cell
Describe fission reproduction.
Symmetrical; parental cell elongates and splits into 2 daughter cells
What genus of yeast exhibits fission reproduction?
True or False:

Some yeast can undero sexual reproduction
True - when 2 sexual spores conjugate giving rise to a zygote (diploid cell)
What are the steps to sexual reproduction of yeast?
1. 2 sexual spores conjugate and create zygote or diploid cell

2. Nucleus divides by meiosis and 4 new haploi nuclei called ascospores are created
Haploid nuclei are also called what?
What is the structure called that contains ascospores?
What is used as a leavening agent in dough?
Saccharomyces cervisiae "bakers yeast"
What 2 strains of yeast are used for brewing?
Saccharomyces carlsbergensis & cerevisiae
What is used for the fermentation of grape wine?
Saccharomyces elipsoideus
What is the vaginal infection of yeast called?
What is the oral infection of yeast called?
What are the 2 types of yeast that were observed through the microscope?
Saccharomyces cervisiae

Candida albicans