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PART 65 includes:
Airmen,Air Traffic Controllers,Mechanics, (AI),Repairmen.
To become a Mechanic (a&p)you must?
18,graduate from app. Maintenance school. Or
How many exams to become a mechanic? and what are they?
3 Exams, written(knowledge), Practical(Knowledge,skill), Oral(skill)
Temporary Certificate is good for how long?
120 Days
Permanent Certificate is good for how long?
until suspended, surrendered, revoked.
Mechanics may perform?
Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance or alterations
Mechanics CANNOT perform what on Aircrafts?
Major Repairs, Major Alterations to Props, instruments.
After how long can a mechanic work on Aircrafts if taking a break?
6 months out of 2 years "currency rule"
Return to service entries?
Inspection, date, Total time in service,type of Inspection, Scope of Insp.Airworthiness Statement.
When can a mechanic RTS an aircraft?
After a 100-hour inspection
What does it take to become a (AI)?
Must hold A&P for 3 yrs. Worked as A&P for 2 yrs.
Pass written test by FAA.
When is an AI renewed?
March of every year.
A Repairmen Can only work on aircrafts if?
qualified for that repair station for that specific repair.
Requirements for Repairmen?
18 years old
18 months experience in that special area.that hes working.
A Repairmen can only hold his license if?
Can only hold that license while employed at that specific job