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What country was the first to explore the new world?
S p a i n
Was France religiously tolerant?
yes, but it depended on the king
What is the difference between Puritans and Separtists?
P: wanted to purify church
S: wanted to form new church
were the pilgrims on the mayflower separtists or puritans?
Were the massachusetts people separtists or puritans?
Who was gov. of massa?
John Winthrop baby!
Who colonized rhode island?
Roger Williams; also believed church and state should be separated!!! boo yah!
Where was there no religious controversy?
ConnetiCUT -cut out controversy!!!
What is cap. of New York?
New Amsterdam!
What were Virginia, North and South Carolina made for?
Tobacco, $, and slave trade
Which colony was the prison colony?
Which Carolina (N or S) was religious and free?
Why did England choose to be democratic (not spanish and french)??
Magna carta
British Parliament
What were the 2 British parliament houses?
Lords and Lords of commons
What did Roundheads support? Cavaleres?
R: parliament
C: King!
What was known as the Cavalere state?
Where did the Roundheads live?
New England
What did the Roundheads think when the King was restored to throne?
They offended god

Then witches fault
What was King Philip's other name?
Describe Philips war
Rhode Island revolted against King Philip
What was the first organized revolt?
Philip's war
What was the main city of Boston?
What was a crazy drunken place?
Boston Harbor
Describe Triangle of Trade
Boston > rum & bibles ships to Africa > Af. slaves on ships > carribean islands > ships filled with sugar and molasses > Boston
What is deist?
believes in god but doesnt believe in specific religion