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Most predominent religion in India
came about in 500BCE
Not necessarily religious
worship many gods w/ 1 all powerful diety Brahman

Just one of many cultures/religions/people found in India
6th Century BCE
came out as a reaction to Brahmanism
Karma, Nirvana, Monks
Idonesia is the most abundent place for this religion
Allah - Submit to God
7th Century BCE
Much like christianity`
Linked w/ Hinduism, not only for Hindus
Marriage Restrictions, Very Rigid system
Caste System
Practice of when husband has died and is being burned the wife throws herself onto the fire
Voluntary act in 4thBCE
If a woman refused she was banished
True Wife

Sig: A sanskirt performed Suttee until it was banned by the Brits in 1828
Had great wealth, architecture, economy and attracted British
17th and 18th century it is in decline
leaders still have positions, but have lost all real control
Mughal Empire

Sig: from 1750-1800 the empire was in decline mainly because of the internal affairs concerning religion.
The empire was Muslim but most people were Hindu, the Hindus were dissatisfied w/ the muslim rule