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Where was Columbus from?
Genoa, Italy
Why did Ferdinand and Isabella so graciously accept Columbus' offer?
They were celebrating driving the Muslims out of Spain! whoop whoop!
What types of people were the first americans?
Religiously persecuted
Poor People
Where were the criminals in America?
Georgia (prison colony)
What was the 1st British Settlement?
Which colony was called the "Lost Colony"?
What was the 1st permanent English settlement?
Who was the leader of the Jamestown Coalition?
John Smith
Why did Jamestown survive?
Native Americans showed them tobacco
What were 2 results of the success of Jamestown?
Needed slaves (slave trade)
Could rule themselves democratically - House of Burgesses
What was the 1st elected representative body in the U.S.?
House of Burgesses
Why did people go to Plymouth?
To escape persecution and to get pure christian worship
What killed the Native Americans at Plymouth?
The plague brought by the Europeans
Which way did Columbus sail?
What 2 things did Columbus promise to Isabella and Ferdinand?
Money and taking catholisism to lands he found
What is a viceroy?
a governor
What are the 3 ships that Columbus sailed?
Santa Maria
What did Columbus name the Island he landed on that he thought was Asia?
San Salvador (Holy Savior)
What did the American Indians that Columbus met call themselves?
What is an encomienda system?
Colonists had the right to have a certain number of American Indians as slaves
What did Bartolome de Las Casas do?
Encouraged Spanish colonists to work peacefully with the Indians
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
moved the Line of Demarcation west so that territory west of the line would belong to Spain; East of the lin, to Portugal
What did Vasco Nunez de Balboa do?
Discovered and named the Pacific Ocean
What 2 things did Magellen do?
Found westward route to Asia
Who was Malintzin?
An Aztec princess who became an interpreter and adviser to Hernan Cortes