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ti va di...
are you up for...
avere una fame da lupi
to be hungry enough to eat a horse
stare attento/a...
ai soldi
alla linea
to watch...
my money
my figure
scusa il ritardo
sorry I'm late
siamo in quattro
there are four of us
non ti preoccupare
don't worry
Shame on you!
si capisce!
naturally!/of course
avere l'acquolina in bocca
to have one's mouth watering
poor thing
fa niente
it's nothing
non farcela
not be able to make it, handle it
essere senza parole
to be speechless
buttare la pasta
to throw pasta in boiling water
al dente
pasta cooked just right
alla salute del cuoco
a toast to the health of the chef
buon appetito!
same to you!