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Main Motion
To present an item of business for consideration and action by the chapter.
Lay on the table
To temporarily delay action on an item of business. Reasons for such a delay may be (1) to give memebers time to consider the proposal further (2) to consider business of a more urgent nature.
Previous Question
To terminate discussion on the motion or motions before the chapter and to secure an immediate vote.
Refer to a Committee
To place the question in a committee
To modify the motion that is under consideration
Point of Order
to enforce rules by calling attention to a violation of the rules or a mistake in procedure.
Appeal from the decsion of the chair
To obtain a decision from the chpeter to a question on which the presiding officer has made a decision.
Suspend standing rules
to permit the chqpter to do something that cannot be done without violating its standing rules.
Division of the Assembly
To determine the accuracy of a vote, especially when taken by voice or by show of hands.
Nominatons (and elections)
to present to the chapter the name of a candidate for a certain officer position.
Parliamentary inquiry
To permit a member to gain parliamentary information. Information deired may pertain to the procedure for introducing business, rules governing a motion, action to take concering a pending question, which motion to use, or effect of a motion.
Leave to withdraw a motion
To permit withdrawl of a motion from consideration by the chapter.
To terminate (close) meeting
Call for oders of the day
To demand that the chapter conform to its order of business or program.
Take from the table
to again bring a question before the chapter for futher consideration.
To permit the reconsidering of a vote previously taken on a motion and to again consider the question.
To cancel action taken by the chapter.