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the breaking apart of rocks cused by the growth of plants
the process in which oxygen chemically combines with another substance
the wearing away of a substance by solid particles carried by wind, water, and other sources
chemical weathering
weathering that involves changes in the chemical make-up of rocks
a large downhill movement of loose rocks and soil caused by the pull of gravity
sulfuric acid
the by-product of the burning coal as a source of energy
talus slopes
pieces of broken rock up pileup in certain areas
frost action
the breaking apart of a rock caused by the water freezing and expanding within cracks
plant acid
weak acid that disolves in certain minerals in rocks
mechanical weathering
weathering that does not involve changes in the chemical make-up of rocks
the breaking off of curved sheets or slabs parallel to a rock's surface due to weathering
the process in which carbonic acid reacts chemically with other substances
stable rock
a rock composed of minerals that resist chemical weathering
the breaking down of rocks and other materials at the earth's surface