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v.s + 겠...
I suppose, think that he must...

구분이 공부하겠어요. = I suppose he is studying.

(nb: __을것 같아 is more common)
v.s + 였겠...
I suppose that he must have...

(nb: __을것 같아 is more common)
v.s + ㄴ/은/는 가봐
it appears that

행복한가 봐요. 행복했는가/행복하겠는가
좋은가 봐요. 좋았는가/좋겠는가
떠나는가 봐요. 떠났는가/떠나겠는가
patterns for uncertainty
1) ㄴ/은/는가 봐 = presumption, conjecture
2) ㄴ/은/는것 같다 = similarity
3) 아/어/여 보이다 = likeness, resemblance
v.s. + 게
so that

(nb: used usu w/ ACTION verbs)
(nb: indicates purpose or aim)
(nb: = __도록)
늦지 않게, 빨리 가세요 = Please go quickly so that you won't be late.
__면/다가는 .... v.s.게요.
if something were ...then won't it turn out like that?

그렇게 돈이 많으면 좋게요. = If I had a lot of money, it would be good, wouldn't it?
영어가 쉬우면 좋게요. = If English were easy it would be good, wouldn't it?