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Most important implication of balance of payment deficit on the value of the country's currency is
devalutioanry pressure
International product life cycle theory suggests that production will shift from US to other industrilized countires at
growth stage
Any business activity conducted across national boundaries, whether the transactions are conducted by government or private organizations.
International business.
Most of the foreign direct investment has been made between
industrialized and other industrilized countries.
1 mjaor factor which makes international business to be significantly diffrent from domestic business is _____
Enviroment in foreign countries can be diffrent from that of home countries.
Importance of Pacific-basin countires as our trading partner increased significaly recently? True or False
The world economy is getting more interrellated and interdependent of each other because
development of technology and institutions facilitate free flow of goods and services
Comparative advantage is
a theory that there may still be global effciency gains from trade if a country specializes in those products that it can produce more efficiently than other products
Which of the following is not true abour Balance of Payment?
Balance of Payment deficit customarily refers to Overall, Balance deficit.
A unilateral transfer in the balance of payments occures when ____________?
aid is given to a drought-stricken country.
The basoc balance on the balance of payment includes
mechandise trade, services, unlateral transfers and lon term capital flow.
Neo-mercantilism is
attempt by countries to relentlessly maximize their exports even at the sacrifice of their trading partners' trade defecit
This is NOT one of Porter's determinates for the global competive advantage.
governmental supports and subsidies
If you are not globally competitive can you survive in the domestic market?
All are major doctrine of the Mercantilistic Theory except
1 Self sustaning economy
2 Prohibit colonies from manufacturing goods
3 Monopoly of trade by the government
4 Free trade of merchandise but not services
free trade of merchandise but not services