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How many host parasites often have a phase in the muscle?
two host parasites
What is the most efficient way to kill parasites in meat?
cook thoroughly
What are the three parasites found in pork meat?
taenia solium
What is the natural cycle of toxoplasma?

How are food animals infected? Humans?

ingestion of cat feces

ingestion of meat or feces of infected animals
Who are most at risk for toxoplasma?
immunocompromised and pregnant indiviuals

most commonly see in pork in the US
What is trichinella? How long do you need to freeze meat to kill trichinella? What stage is found in the meat?
A nematode

more than 3 days

What is the natural cycle for tapeworms? What role do humans play? Food animals?
human/food animal

definitive host

intermediate host
What tapeworm is the most dangerous to humans? What are the two ways humans can get this infection?
taemia solium

ingestion of cystercercoids in meat or from ingestion of eggs from feces
What method of transmission of Taenia solium causes neurological signs? What is this called?
ingestion of humans feces

What species of tapeworm causes measley beef? if feedlot cattle are infected, how is this controlled?
taenia saginata

deworm humans
What is the name of the intestinal infection caused by adult tapeworms?
Ingestion of cysticercoids in meat
What is the name of the tissue infection of tapeworms?

ingestion of eggs
What three parasites require a few days in the environment to become infective? Which two are infective immediately?
Nematodes, cestodes and toxoplasma
Giardia and Crypto
Which two parasites have environmentally stable oocysts? Which is more transmissible in water? How must these be killed?
Giardia and crypto
Filter or boil
Is meat infected with echinococcus infective to humans? Eggs in canid feces?
Who are the definitive hosts of fasciola? What is the intermediate host? How are humans infected?
Sheep and cattle
Ingestion of infected vegetation, not from liver
Toxocara are what type of parasites? What can they cause in humans?
Larval migrans
What is the human roundworm?
Ascaris lumbricoides