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Recommended number of specimens to examine?
3 specimens within 10 day span, every other day if possible.
Time limits to examine specimens?
-within 30 minutes of passage for liquid/soft stools OR place in preservative.

-within 3-4 hours for formed stools or place aliquot in preservative and refrigerate the remainder.
Reject fecal specimens when:
-contaminated with urine (destroy motile organisms), water, or oil/barium enemas, antibiotics
What time should sputum sample be collected?
Early moarning (most concentrated)
Liquid fecal consistancy:
Soft fecal consistency:
Protozoans cysts and trophs
Formed fecal consistency:
Protozoan cysts

*Helminth eggs maybe found in any type of stool specimen*
What is refrigeration good for?
eggs, larae, amoebic cysts

*Do NOT refrigerate if you suspect amoebic trophozoites*

concentration as well as preservation

good for larvae & amoebic cysts
Polyvinyl alcohol
-amoebic trophs
-can prepare permanent stain slides from specimenns preserved this way.
SAF Preservation
Sodium Acetate-Acetic Acid-Formalin

-amoebic trophs
Concentration Formalin Ethyl Acetate Sedimentation forms four layers:
1. ethyl acetate
2. debris
3. formalin
4. sediment (contains parasites)
What does ethyl acetate remove?
Fats & oils
What is the purpose of formalin?
Preserves organisms
Advantages of Formalin Ethyl Acetate Sedimentation?
easy to perform, can stay in formalin stage indefinitely
Zinc Sulfate Flotation Technique of Concentration principle?
Specific Gravity of zinc sulfate is greater than ova, cysts, and larvae; therefore they float on top of the zinc sulfate solution
What is the specific gravity of zinc sulfate solution?
Disadvantages of zinc sulfate flotation method?
large eggs (schistosomes) and operculated eggs (D. latum) sink quickly.