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What is spirocerca lupi and what speces do they effect?
Esophageal worm of dog and cats, are recovered feces or vomit.
what is special about spirocerca lupi eggs
forms granulomas, where eggs are released through fistual openings.
what is ollulanus tricuspis
feline trichostrongyle
what is toxocara canis
(large) dog roundworm
Toxacara cati
round worm of cats
define ancylostoma
Hookworm that is ovid conains 4-16 cells in each egg,
what is responsible for cutaneous larval migrans
describe toxascaris leanina
this is the large roundworm of mostly cats the eggs have more space in the center than reg toxocara species
what is the northern k9 hookworm
uncinaria stenocephala
strongyloides stercoralis
canine intestinal threadworm, contains pathogenic female, only the females are parasidic to host.
tricuris vulpis
canine whip worm, eggs looks like football with 2 polar plugs at each end
tricuris campanula * tricuris Serrata
feline whipworms that reside in cecum and colon, described as tricheroid or trichenelloid, umembryonated eggs are laid
dipylidium caninium
tape worm of canines indtermediate host is fleas or anthropods
echinococcus spp.
associated with occular diseases, zoonotic potential, is a tapeworm
alaria spp
fluke found in nothern half of america
Isospera spp
coccidians of dogs and cats, important for puppies and kittens to be checked for these worms
toxoplasma gondii
intestinal coccidian of cats, zoonotic potential, responsible for birth defects in humans
Effects many animals, the oocysts are small and oval shaped
flagellated protozoan , adults trophozoite babies cysts
babesia canis
"pear" shaped parasite found ini the rbc's
malaria like parasite also found in Rbc's
Aulostronglus Abstrusus
Feline Lungworm has a dorsal spine with an "S" shaped tail. causes respiratory disease characterized by a chronic cough and emenciation.
Canine lung worms
Eucoleous aerophilus-
aka capillaria aerophila, nematode that is found in bronchii, looks like a whip worm, causes chronic tracheitis and bronchitis.
paragonimus kellicotti
lung fluke of dogs and eggs are operculated.
decotophyma renale
giant kidney worms of dogs
zipper tapes or parganosis, found in small intestines of dogs and cats (in Flordia and Golf coast of N. America) has a spiral centered uterus, and an associated pore (uterine) where eggs are released.
Spirometra eggs
appears to unzip as eggs are released, eggs have an asymmetreic appearance and when ruptured have a distinc opperculum
Capillaria plica and C. feliscati (personema)
nematodes of the urinary bladder in cats, eggs have flattened bi-polar (plugs) ends with a rough outer surface
Bovine trichostrongyles
most common rumen endoparasite
monezia spp
cestode eggs are cube or pyramid shaped
fasciola hepatica
liver fluke of rumenents
eimeria spp
coccidian of cattle
taenia saginata
tapeworm of rumenents , zoonotic potential, is found in undercooked meat
dictyocaulus viviparous &D. Filaria
hair lungworms of sheep and goats, adults found in bronchioles, mostly in nodules in the lung parenchyma. Eggs develope in lungs of definative hosts, releasing 1st stage larvae, which are then coughed up and re-swallowed again, until passed thruogh feces.
LARGEST BOVINE TRICHOSTRONGYLE, eggs have paralell sides with rounded ends, contains 16-32 cells
strongyloides papillosus
intestinal thread of rumen only female pathogenic
thrichuris ovis -
whip worm of rumen infects cecum and colon, eggs described as trichinoid or trichinelloid
Horse bot fly that lays eggs on fur coat of horses where larvae burrow into horse
Draschua megastoma & habronema
Known to cause "summer Sores" in horses, it's a nematode.
most common equine endoparasite
parascaris equi
horse round worm (large) found in small intestine, and causes anal pruitis .
strongyloides weteri & S. Ransomi
intestinal thread worm of equine
oxyuris equi
pin worm of horses
tape worm of horses
ascaris Suum
swine (large) round worm
Trichinella Spiralis
Can cause trichanosis in undercooked meat (swine)
Oesphagostomum Dentatum
nodular worm of swine defined as trichstrongyle tye eggs are thin and smooth surrounding contents, contains devided 8-16 cells
Tricuris Suis
swine whip worm
baylisascasis procyonis
round worm of raccons, zoonotic potentian causes CNS and eye problems.