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What organisms make up the blood and tissue nematodes?
-Trichinella spiralis (Trichina Worm)
-Wuchereria bancrofti
-Brugia malayi
-Loa Loa
-Onchocerca volvulus
Infective stage of Trichinella spiralis?
ingestion of encysted larvae in undercooked pork
Diagnostic stage of Trichinella spiralis?
Muscle biopsy showing encysted larvae in striated muscle.
Adult females of Trichinella spiralis bear _________?
larvae instead of eggs
Microfilariae require ____________ as an intermediate host

*when arthropod takes blood meal, mircofilariae are released into human host*
Diagnose microfilariae by examining ________
Giemsa stained thick and thin smears

*Except Onchocerca volvulus (skin scraping from nodules)*
How many nuclei are in the tip of the tail of Wuchereria bancrofti?

Wuchereria bancrofti has __________ periodicity?

10pm-4am=greatest concentration in blood
Elephantiasis is caused by ___________?
Wuchereria bancrofti

*permanent blockage of lymphatic system-lower extremities and genitalia*
Diagnose Wuchereria bancrofti?
blood smear
The microfilaria of Brugia malayi has ___ nuclei at tip of tail?
2 nuclei at tip of tail.

*separate from rest of body nuclei
*nocturnal periodicity
Brugia malayi causes _____ of the lower extremities?
The microfilaria of Loa Loa have _____ pattern of nuclei?
nuclei to the tip of the tail

Loa Loa have ________ periodicity?

*10am-4pm=greatest concentration in blood
Calabar swelling (allergic reaction to worm migration in tissue) is caused by?
Loa Loa (eye worm)
Diagnose Loa Loa by....
-blood smear
-migration across conjunctiva
Onchocerca volvulus microfilaria have how many nuclei in tail?

-Only pathogenic microfilaria NOT sheathed!

-NO nuclei in tip of tail
Where are microfilaria of Onchocerca volvulus found?
In nodules under the skin

NOT in peripheral blood
Onchocerca volvulus causes...
-Severe dermatitis (eosinophilia 50-70%)
-blindness (leading cause of blindness in Africa)
Diagnose Onchocerca volvulus by ___________.
Tissue scrapings
Vector of Wuchereria bancrofti?

(Culex & Anoheles)
Vector of Brugia malayi?

Vector of Loa Loa?
Fly (Chrysops)
Vector of Onchocerca volvulus?
Fly (Simulian)