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with sucking lice, how long does the egg to egg cycle take?
28 days
how many eggs does a female flea lay in its lifetime?
What must a cat flea larvae do to complete its development?
Ingest blood albumin
Where do fleas overwinter?
pupa stage in indoor environment

on wildlife
In the midwest, how long does the flea to flea cycle take?
28 days
Does demodex affect humans?
name a mite that is reportable
What mite burrows extensively
Which mite produces problems in dogs due to inherited immune deficiency?
Which avian mite lives in the lungs and air sacs of canaries and parakeets?
How long is the cycle for ear mites?
3 weeks
What is the tickk vector for the newly recognized Lyme disease-type illness called STARI?
How many legs do larval ticks have?
What tick is commonly found in vet clinics, kennels and homes?
brown dog tick
What was the first arthropod shown to transmit a vector borne disease?
Cattle fever tick
What is the Lonestar tick a vector for?
Tularemia, Rocky Mountian spotted fever, Q fever
What is the vector for Chagas disease
Triatomid bug
Vector for Nagana?
Tse Tse fly
Vector for Leishmaniasis?
Sand fly
vector for palgue
Vector for Eastern Equine Encephalitis
vector for Myiasis
control of mosquitos is most effective when based on what?
larval control
The #1 fly problem in the US is:
Stable Fly
Bots found in the neck area of dogs and cats are most likely picked up from where?
larvae in rabbit burrows
Which mite is described as walking dandruff?
In the midwest, lice tend to be a problem in cattle during what season?
The chewing lice are primarily found on what animal?
Scabies, due to Sarcoptes is most commonly seen in what animal(s)?
pigs and dogs
why are ticks hard to remove?
they cement their hypostome to the host
How does "Program" work?
Inhibits chitin formation
which stage of "chiggers" are parasitic?
What parasite infests the external ear canals of wild ungulates?
Otobius megnini
Which parasite has an anal groove anterior to the anus?
I. scapularis
Which two arthropods life cycles include a comples or complete metamorphosis?
Mosquito and lice
Which insect larvae are found in running or fast moving rivers or streams?
black flies
"Sweet Itch" or spring summer Recurrent Dermatitis is an equine hypersensitivity to salivary secretions from what insect?
Tabinids serve as vectors for what?
EIA and Anaplasma marginale
what two flies only reproduce in cattle dung?
Horn fly
face fly
Which myiasis causing fly is reportable if found in the US?
Cochliomyia hominivorax
How is demodex diagnosed?
deep skin scraping
What is the most important mite affecting swine?
Sarcoptes scabiei
How long must a flea feed before it ingests enough advantage to kill it?
It doesn't need to feed
Why do chiggers produce an intense puritis?
larvae inject fluids which liquify host cells
When is the cattle taillouse a problem?
during the summer
Why do ticks emerge a particular time of year?
hatching is temp dependant
where do sheep nasal bots live?
in the sinuses of the head
what is the causative agent of lyme disease like illness in dogs?
Borrelia Lonestari
what kind of tick has multiple nymphal stages?
soft ticks
I. sccapularis is a _______ host tick
what is the only cattle lice species which is a summer problem in southern regions?
Haematopinus quadripertusus
Anopluron (sucking lice) are found where?
exclusively on mammals
Do stable flies disperse over long distances?
Are stable flies pests of cattle?
do stable flies feed on dogs?
do stable flies deposit their eggs in fresh feces?
are horn flies pests of cattle?
do horn flies feed on dogs?
where do horn flies deposit their eggs?
fresh cattle manure
Where are face flies primarily found?
on cattle
what fly creates a risk for pink eye transmission among cattle?
face fly
do face flies create a transmission risk for salmonella?
Are face flies transmitters of e.coli
What serves as a vector for blue tongu virus?
Is Culicoides a vector for EIA
Is Culicoides large or small