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What is Anatomy?
The Study Of The Structure Of An Organism And The Relationship of its Parts.
What is Physiology?
The Study of Body Function.
What is dissection?
The process of cutting apart.
What is Pathology?
The scientific study of disease.
What are Cells?
The smallest "living" units of structure and function in the body.
What are tissues?
organization of many similar cells that act together to perform a certain function.
What are organs?
A group of several different kinds of tissues arranged so that they can act together as a unit to perform a cetain function.
What is a system?
an organization of varying numbers and kinds of organs arranged so that they can together perform complex functions for the body.
The body lying face upward.
The body lying face downward.
Toward the head. {upper}
Toward the feet. {lower}
Front {ventral}
Back [dorsal}
Midsagittal Plane
a cut or plane that divides the body or any of its parts in two equal halves.