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Who was know for - modern Nursing, practicing epidemiology and bringing major reforms in hygiene and sanitation?
Florence Nightingale
Dorothea Dix is known for ?
Treatment reform of the mentally ill.
What 2 Nurses are accredited with the start of community health in the US?
Lillian Wald and Mary Brewster
First Black RN in US and co-founder of Assoc. of Colored Graduate Nurses?
Mary Mahoney
NLN or National League for Nursing provides?
The NCLEX-RN and Achievement tests for use in RN School
Some Activities of the ANA or American Nursing Association are...
Establish standards for Nursing Practice and Code of Ethics
Nursing's focus is ______ and healing, while Medicine's is _______ and healing.
Nursing is Care and Medicine is Cure
Using the best research evidence with clinical expertise is________
Evidence-Based Practice
Ethical dilemmas often arise over a conflict of opinion. Once a RN has determined the the dilemma is ethical, a critical first step in the negotiating the difference of opinion would be to :
A - Consult a professional ethicist for a guided pathway
B - List ethical principles that inform the dilemma so that negotiations agree on the language of the discussion
C - Gather all relevant information regarding the clinical social, and spiritual aspects of the dilemma.
C - gather all relevant information........
Nurses agree to be advocates for their pts, Practice of advocacy calls for the nurse to:
A - Seek out the nursing supervisor in conflicting situations.
B - Apply the law to the clients clinical condition.
C - Assess the pts point of view and prepare to articulate this point of view.
C - Articulating the pts point of View
An example of Beneficence would be...

A - Leaving before your shift is over
B - Telling a pt that they are going to die
C - giving immunization that protect from disease
D - explaining ethics to a pt
C - giving immunizations,
Beneficence refers to taking positive actions to help others.
Match the following :
___ Veracity
___ Ethnocentrism
___ Bioethics
___ Teleology

A - Study of the ends or Final Causes
B - ones own culture is superior
C - professional ethics in heath care
D - Accuracy or conformity to truth
If a Nurse assesses a pt for pain and then offers a plan to manage the pain, the principle that encourages the RN to monitor the clients response to the plan is?
A - Fidelity
B - Respect for Autonomy
C - Non maleficence
A - Fidelity refers to the agreement to keep promises.
In Health Care R.A.C.E stands for?
The high prevalence of chronic conditions in older adults results in the increased use of:
A - Alcohol to help pain control
B - Ancillary Services
C - High number of Rx and over the counter medications
D - Durable Medical Equipment
C High number of Rx and over the counter meds