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How did Mina tell Amaya that Papa was sick?
By motions
What did Mina use to cut her hair to give to the Indian?
A sharp bone
Who first saw the wagon coming over the horizon?
What were the initials of the Kaufmann's baby?
What kind of dress did Lisette give to Mina?
A calico dress
What animal was peering down at Anna and Mina in the middle of the night?
A bobcat
Why did Papa work as a teamster?
To earn some money to buy a milk cow
How many acres of land did the Adelsverein provide?
320 acres
What was the full name of the author who wrote A Paradise Called Texas?
Janice Jordan Shefelman
What did Mina get for Christmas from her papa?
A carved eagle
How did Mina tell Amaya that Papa needed help?
By motions
What was the name of the Indian Chief?
Chief Custaleta
What did Mina and her family live in on Indian Point?
What caused the wagon's not to come to Indian Point on time?
Where did Papa buy his gun?
How much did Papa bid alone?
In what town did Papa and Mina end up living in Texas?
How did Papa, Mina, and the Kaufmann's cross the rapid current?
On the ferry
Vocabulary-someone who travels from one country to another is called what?
An immigrant
What told Mina that she should get help from the Shamon?
Her dream
To have an appetite means to...
desire food
What disease did Mama have?
How did Mina tell Amaya that Papa was sick?
By motions
What did Mina give The Shamon for curing Papa?
A hand held mirror
Who stayed with Papa when Mina went to go get help from The Shamon?
What does the word lumber mean?
To walk heavily
What town did Mina live in in Germany?
What did Mina get for Christmas for her doll Johanna?
A red velvet cape
What does the word provisions mean?
What did Amaya give Mina?
A blue beaded belt
What was the cost of going to Texas?
600 gulden
When Papa came back from working as a teamster, why couldn't he get up?
He was too dizzy