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what does a journey allow us to do?
Excape, Travel, Percieve things differently, learn, relfect, question our beliefs, challenge our assumptions, and find joy and happiness.
Quote by William Blake?
What is now proved was once only imagination
Quote by Ursula Le Guinn
It is good to have an end to a journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.
Quote by R.A Gerald
Reason can answer questions but imagination has to ask them
What is Hyperbole?
a literary term meaning exaggeration. its usually a vebal exageration and is used to highligh a point.
What is Irony?
It is when the meaning that the audience is to understand differs from what is actually ebing said or done.
What are anecdotes?
a short and interesting narrative of an event, usally having happened to the person telling the story. used to 'connect' or establish common ground.
What is a parody?
an imitation or mocking of a text, expecially using exageration to create humour.
what is a pun?
a play on words.
what is a Euphemism?
an expression used to directly avoid saying soemthing distasteful, unpleasant or confronting. e.g. "down there"
saying the same thing twice
what shoul we consider when thinking about the audience of a text?
age, sex, education and interests
what are some purposes for texts?
to persuade, to inform, to entertain, to review and to advertise
what is alic in wonderland?
written by lewis carroll, its a metaphoric journey for hte process of a child becoming an aduilt where learning is the key.
what does alic learn to do with each new encounter?
she has leant the rules and how to deal with the, even when they seem absurd and completely illogical. mad hatters- "i see what i eat is the same as i eat what i see"
what does alice develop?
a sense of herself.
how does alice learn what it is to be an adult?
after obeying everyones orders for the entire movie she is able to say "who cares for you?"
what is the moral of alice in wonderland?
we must learn about life itself in order to learn about ourselves.
what is a strong visual technique used by carrol?
visual imagery is used to portrey alices growth in size as a symbol of her growth of awareness and as a person. "she had grown to her full size by this time"
what is achieved by alice?
self improvement and growth.
what is lucy in the sky with diamonds?
ooriginally written byt he beatles its a song about an imaginary place, based on images from 'alice in wonderland'
what is the imaginative journey in lucy in the sky with diamonds?
the composer tells of imaginative places inviting the reader to join them in their own journey.
what are some techniques of lucy in the sky with diamonds?
metaphors such as "cellophane flowers of yellow and green" and surrealism such as "newspaper taxis appear on the shore"
what does the use of metaphors and surrealism do in lucy in the sky with diamonds?
creates a feeling of strangeness and wonder in the listener
what does surrealism achieve in lucy int he sky with diamonds?
makes the song dream like by represtning the subconcious mind and giving it dream like qualities "tangerine trees and marmalade skies"
is there juxtaposition in lucy in the sky with diamonds?
yes htere is with two words that dont usually go together "newspaper taxis"
what do the metaphors achieve in lucy in the cky with diamonds?
it tells the listener what they are seeing and relies on the listeners connotations of the words to build their own imaginary places.
what is the tempest?
the shakespeare play 'the tempest' is an imaginative journey through self examination, suspending disbelief and magic settings.
what does gonzalo say about his vision of utopia?
"all things in common with nature should produce without sweat or endevour. treason, felony, sword, pike, knife, gun, or need of any engine whould i not have but nature should bring forth of it own kind, all foison, all abundance to feed my innocent people"
what is the running theme in the tempest?
strangeness and wonder. "The strangeness of your story" - miranda, "all torment, trouble, wonder and amazement inhabits here" - Gonzalo.
what is the settingof the tempest?
the setting is on an isolated island which hepls us suspend disbelief as it gives us blurred perceptions of whats real, imaginative or magic.
what are some language techniques of the tempest?
soliloquy. where by thoughts and words of charaters are not directly expressed to the audience.
what techniques are used in the tempest to emphasis a point of fantasy or mystique?
song and music in conjunction with language.
what are some fantasy features in the tempest?
raging storms, deserted island, magical sprites, nymphs, and monsters as well as a powerful magician.
what state does the tempest unfold in?
much of the tempest unfold in a dreamlike state "we are such stuff as dream are made on and our little lives are rounded up with sleep".
what are some dramatic techniques used int he tempest?
setting, sybolism, creation of conflict and charaterisation.
what is the town where time stands still?
written by shirley geok-lin Lim its a short piece from the stimulus that explores the change that can occur internally when the external surroundings are different and explains the motivations that drive people to take a journey "profit of pleasure"
according to the town where time stands still: humans like...
huamns like visualising and dreaming of where and when traveling can take them - the endless possibilities "Humans hope to be moved rather then to move"
what is the desire of humans in the town where time stands still?
the desire of humans to undergo the imaginary journey to speculate about a connection to time and place "which has nothing to do with a vacation" so they can "return" to reality "blessed and altered"
what is the main idea the town where time stands still highlights?
it highlights and supports the idea that an imaginative journey can have a lasting and dramatic affect on the human without ever been put into action.
the town where time stands still shows us that through an imaginative journey...
a person can gain positive growth and laterations to not only discover "external geography" but something that will act on their "internal pschology". the idea of achieving a "greater understanding" of self and the influences that the external has.
what two texts does the concept of maturation connect?
alice in wonderland and the tempest
what is the maturation concept in alice in wonderland?
alice's journey is completed with her realisation that she does possess strength and power. alice realises her potential and is matured by the 'wonderful dream'
what is the maturation concept int he tempest?
prospero maturing from his treatment of Ferdinand to allowing himself "have lost my daughter" from his original treatment "i'll manacle thy neck and feet"
what texts does dramatic irony connect?
the tempest and alice in wonderland
where is dramatic irony shown?
in both alice in wonderland with the chesnee cat and the tempest with ariel
how does lucy in the sky with diamonds and the tempest relate to each other?
through the strageness and wonderous qualities they both speak of and also the dream aspect