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Hamburger and Cheeseburger
(6-10) open faced burger on white bun with lettuce, tomato and onion. ask how they would like it cooked.
Italian Burger
ground beef, garlic, and Italian seasoning mixture covered with melted provolone cheese and roasted red peppers.
Meatball Sub
(3) Three meatballs on a hoagie roll with red sauced and melted provolone cheese.
Suasage and Pepper Sub
(6) 2 4" links of Italian sausage on hoagie roll covered with medium hot peppers in a red sause.
Boneless Chicken & Cheese
(8) broiled chicken, melted provolone, open faced on rye bun with T.L.O.
Ham & Cheese Sub
(6) Baked ham, L.T., on hoagie roll
Turkey & Cheese Sub
(6) Turkey breast with L.T. on hoagie roll
Italian Sub
(6/COLD-10/HOT) Capicole, salami, turkey, ham, provolone, L.T.O., and Italian dressing
Chicken Salad Croissant
(3) croissant stuffed with chicken salad and vetable or fruit when in season. Choice of Potato.
Tuna Salad Croissant
croissant stuffed with tuna salad and vetable or fruit when in season. Choice of potato.
Meat Sauce
Tomato, italian seasonings, ground beef
Red Sauce
Tomato, Italian seasonings
Alle Marinara
tomatoes, olive, oil, bermuda onions, carrots
Italian Traditional Marinara
tomato, olive oil, italian seasonings
Aglio E Olio
Garlic, vegetable oil, butter, salt and pepper.
Red Clam sauce
tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, clam juice.
White Clam Sauce
olive oil, garlic, clam juice
Alfredo Sauce
cheese, cream, better, and herbs
Light Wine Sauce
white wine, white pepper, chicken broth, basil
Primavera Sauce
clam base, olive oil, garlic, and I.S.
(5) Ground beef or Rocatta Cheese.
(5) creasent shaped pasta.
Noodles: Egg or spinich
Filling: ground beef or ricotta cheese
(5) dumplings, noodles made with ricotta cheese with red sauce
(5) dumplings made with potatoes and choice of red sauce
Linguine Agloio e Olio
(3) linguine with garlic, vegetable oil, salt, pepper; available with anchovies
Baked Ziti
(8) two layers of meat sauce and red sauce, ricatta cheese
Mama Bear's Stuffed Shells
(3) three jumbo shells stuffed with rocotta cheese and ground beef
Hay and Straw
(6) Fettuccine (spinch and egg based) with heavy cream sauce, peas, proscuitto and capicola ham
Pasta Primavera
(6) broccolo, mush, carrots, cauliflower, peas, zucchini sauteed in a clam sauce. speghetti noodles
Bracciloe and Spaghetti
(3) flank steak, breaded, rolled, and baked in a red sauce.
Sausage and Pepper Plater
(6) bite size pieces of grilled italian sausage and green bell pepper. seasoned with salt and pepper. potatoe or pasta?
Combination Italian Plater
(8) One inke of sausage grilled and cut into bite size pieces, green bell pepper, one piece of lemon chicken, one stuffed shell, 2-3 pieces of eggplant parmigiano.
Eggplant Parmiginao
(6) breaded eggplant, sauteed, covered with red sauce. CHOICE OF PASTA
Chicken Feta
(8) Boneless breast cut into bitesize pieces, sauteed in veg. oil, garlic, hot pepper seed, basil, oregano, with fetachini
Chicken Amaretto
(8) boneless chicken breast sauteed in amaretto, cream sauce, choice of pasta
Papa Bear's Linguine and Ricotta Cheese
(6) Ricotta cheese sauteed in white wine sauce served on linguine
Shells and Broccoli
(6) Broccoli sauteed in A.E.O sauce in shells pasta
Boston Strip Steak 12 oz.
(6-10) Pasta or potato?
Petite Filet Mignon 6 oz.
(6-10) Pasta or potato?
Pork Chops
(12) Three 6 oz. pork chops in lambrusco wine, I.S. and broiled. Pasta or potato?
Boston Scrod Dinner
Fried: breaded and sauteed
Broiled: seased with paprika and broiled in butter. Pasta or potatoe (10)
sauteed in butter, garlic, white wine
Red Clam sauce with Linguine
(6) linguine sauteed with tomoatoes, garlic, olive oil, clam juice
White Clam sauce with Linguine
(6) linguine sauteed with tomoatoes, garlic, olive oil, clam juice
Fresh Clams
(12) sauteed in red sauce or white sauce over linguine
Fresh Messels
(12) sauteed in red sauce or white sauce over linguine
New Orleans Crawfish Etouffe
(8-10) sauteed in butter and white wine over rice or pasta
Linguine tuna and Peas
(6) sauteed in butter, salt, pepper, pureed onion served wtih linguine
French Fried Shrimp
(10) 10 peices os shrimp. served with cocktail sauce and choice of potatoe
Broiled Breast of Chicken
(8) pasta or potatoe?
Chicken Parmigiano
(8) lightly breaded and sauteed, covered in red sauce and provolone cheese, baked, side of pasta or sauce
Chicken Francese
(8)potato or pasta
Papa Bear's Linguine and Lemon Chicken
(8) 2 boneless chicken breasts, breaded and sauteed
Cajun Chicken (Polo Naro)
(8) blackened with cajun seasonings. pasta or potatoe?
Veal Parmigiano
(8) breaded and sauteed, covered in red sauce, and baked. side of pasta and red sauce.
Veal Francese
(8) sauteed with lemon and garlic. pasta with red sauce or potatoe?
Veal and Peppers
(8) cut into strips and sauteed in olive oil. pasta or potatoe?
Veal Piccato
(8) veal cutlet cut in 1/2, breaded, sauteed in a white or clear sauce. choice pasta?
Veal Medalion
(8) veal cutlet strips, breaded, sauteed in a garlic. pasta or potatoe?
Mixed Dinner and White Chicken Dinner
1-2 breasts, 1-2 wings, 1 leg, choice of cole slaw or house salad or potatoe?