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What are the most important goals of imaging studies in pancratitis?
Detect complications

Stage severity
What are other goals of imaging?
Confirm diagnosis if uncertainty.

Identify cause (if possible)
Ultrasound appearance of pancreatitis?
Enlargement of pancreas

Decreased echogenicity, relative to liver
What do focal areas of hypoechogenicity indicate?
Fluid or severe inflammation
What do focal areas of hyperechogenicity indicate?
What is the most important complication of pancreatitis to be identified on imaging?
How is pancreatic necrosis best identified?
CT findings of pancreatitis?
Enlargement of gland

Indistinct borders

Peripancreatic inflammation and fluid

Evidence of necrosis and hemorrhage.
How does necrosis appear?
Hypodense, poor enhancement
How does hemorrhage appear
Hyperdense areas
What is another modality used to evaluate pancreatitis?
What sequences are used in MRCP?

What is RARE
Thick slap acquisition
Thin slice T2 weighted image
What are some of the nonbiliary and non EtOH causes of pancreatitis?
What is key to look for in pancreatitis related to trauma?
Look for laceration in addition to the other signs
What is prognosis of traumatic versus other causes of pancreatitis?
What is the next most common cause of pancreatitis?
Ductal anomalies
Which ductal anomaly is most common?
Pancreas divisum
How common is pancreas divisium?
At least 5% of general population
What is cause of pancreas divisum?
Failure of dorsal and ventral anlages of pancreas to fuse
Where to the anlages originate?
Which is larger?
Which is located more caudally?
What is different about the parenchyma of the dorsal and ventral anlages?
Ventral is rich in polypeptides, dorsal is poor in polypeptides. This is why dorsal anlage is prone to atrophy, but ventral pancreas is not.
What is embryologic drainage pattern?
Dorsal anlage drains via its long duct into the duodenum. Ventral anlage drains via its short duct into duodenum.
Whose duct inserts where?
Dorsal duct inserts higher in the medial wall of the descending duodenum than the ventral duct does.
What happens in the normal case to form normal pancreatic ductal anatomy?
Dorsal duct becomes connected to the ventral, and the new duct drains through the ventral duct's opening.
What is this new duct called?
Where does Wirsung drain?
Major papilla (ampulla of Vater)