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What are the dates and time periods starting from the Chatelperronian?
-Chatelperronian 40-30
-Aurignancian 30-28
-Gravettian 28-22
-Solutrean 22-18
-Magdalenian 18-11
Characteristics of the Chatelperronian
-Neandertals and personal adornments
-ornaments a result of taphonomy/scavenging
-new stone, bone, antler techninques
-social org
-geometrics/3D bas-relief
Talk about Chauvet
-Panel or horses
-Great Horse Panel
Talk about personal adornments in Aurignacian
-perforated heyna, human, canid, cervid teeth
-basket-shaped beads
Gravettian - trends?
-more geometric signs
-animal subjects dominate
-hand prints (Gargas)
-human sculptures (preg females)
(woman w/ Horn, playing card, la dame a la capuche)
List Gravettian painted caves
-Pech Merle
-Cosquer (hands)
What is Pech Merle famous for?
Dappled Horse Panel
Talk about Solutrean
-spear throwers
-more localized
-geometrics rarer
-human figs. rare
Solutrean personal ornaments
pierced teeth, shells, beads
Give an ex. of a famous Solutrean cave
Cosquer 1991 by Henri Cosquer
large number of hand prints
also jelly fish and awk
Magdalenian trends
-300 painted cave sites
-10,000 portable artifacts
-lots of geometric signs
Where are most of the Magdalenian portable artifacts found?
90 % found in France
Ex. of painted caves in Magdalenian
There are only three polychrome painted caves in all of UP - name them
What is Lascaux like?
-600 paintings
-1,500 engravings
-geometric symbols
paintings along ceilings
What are the three categories of Past Interpretation according to Villaneuve?
Hypothesis for individual vs. group?
-viewing considerations
-technincal aspects of cave
Talk about imagery in Eastern and Central Europe and Siberia?
-larger area, more diverse
-portable art
-lots of images made of loess
Talk about Mousterian site Tata
-Tata pebble
Give an ex. of a Mousterian site
Bach Kiro
-45 kya
-Scratches = patterns?
-bone frag
-pierced teeth
earliest UP in East Europe?
-Gravettian - 28-21
-Magdalenian - 21-10
-37 kya
-37 fox canines perforated
Gravettian in E. Europe?
-Dolni Vestonice and Pavlov
-ceramic tech
-fabric impressions
Brno II
-head covering, 3 pieces, 600 shells
125 km apart from one another
-fig. buried in semi-subterranean dwellings with burnt bone on top
-22 kya
-birthing house or artisans house?
-like adeevo/Kostienki
25-22 kya
-3 burials: one old man, 2 juv.
-13,000 ivory beads
-some say male from a diff. period
-interlocking beads, pendants
When was the L.G. Maximum?
-20-17 kya
What is the key subject in Magdalenian/Epigravettian in E. Europe?
-Like W. Europe, animals
-mammoth bone shelters
-interlocking mandibles
-pattern shows up in their art
-30 human statues
-17 bird statuettes
-open air
-facial details, hairstyles
-infant necklace
Australia - 30 kya, 13 kya, 6-9, and 6 kya
30- lake mungo site
13- 2 peoplings?
6-9 kow swamp burials
6 one ppl
What does Janet Deacon argue?
Direct Historical approach - can understand modern ppl by looking at ancestors
What are the 2 styles of finger markings in Australia?
-Koonalda and Panaramitee
What does Davidson argue?
peopling of australia best ex. of language
-sea levels lower
-25 kya paintings
Estuarine period
6-1.5 kya
-sea levels rose, some animals became extinct (emu, tapir)
South Africa
30,000 sites
-most predate 10 kya
-ancestors of San
South africa
engraved ochre
perforated tick shells
south africa
antelope horns used to hold paint
Subjects of rep in south africa
animals, humans, therianthrops, few carnivores if any, geometrics, chevrons, cross hatches