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What connectors are used on SCSI cables
50 Pin Centronics

DB 25, female

68 Pin
What is used to resolve a host name on a UNIX server?
What TCP/IP utility displays all current connections and ports to a workstation?
You want to determine the hardware address of your NIC card. What command can you use to see the hardware address of your Windows NT workstation's NIC card?
What UART chip is needed to provide a modem connection of 115200 bps?
Your e-mail server is not receiving SMTP mail. You suspect that it's not accepting connections on TCP port 25. Which TCP/IP utility should you use to test if TCP port 25 was responding?
what are application layer protocols?
Common Application layer protocols include HTTP, FTP , TFTP , SMTP, POP3 , NNTP , SNMP , DNS , WINS , DHCP , BOOTP, Gopher and Telnet
token ring
Connectionless protocols?
UDP, NetBeui
What 3 parameters do you need to specify on a windows workstation for a DNS resolution?
Host name, Domain name, IP address of DNS server
What IEEE specification is used to describe the 100VG - ANY LAN?
Which IEEE 802.x specification specify an architecture that is very similar to Ethernet ?
(Even though ethernet and IEEE 802.3 are supported together and used interchangeably, ethernet does not comply fully to the 802.3 standard. The key difference between them exists in the data link layer, IEEE 802.3 distinguishes between the MAC and LLC sublayers . Ethernet does not divide the data link layer or offer LLC services such as flow control.)
What RAID level is "Mirroring"?