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Presidency Requirements
-35 years ikd
-14 year resident
-natural born citizen
-elected 4 year term by electoral college
-22nd amendment limits term
Presidential Roles (7)
1. Chief of State
2. Chief Executive
3. Chief Diplomat
4. Commander-In-Chief
5. Chief Legislator
6. Chief of the Party
7. Chief Guardian of the economy
Chief of State
Represents America at occasions/ceremonies, awards medals, symbol for US, speechmaking
Chief Executive
Boss of federal gov't (14 departments), chooses cabinet, holds cabinet meetings
Chief Diplomat
Foreign policy, directs ambassadors, signs treaties and trade agreements
US armed foreces, where used
Chief Legislator
congress has power to make laws, prez proposes bills and signs into law, state of the union address = agenda
Chief of the Party
can help members of his party to get elected, fundraises for party
Chief Guardian of economy
monitors unemployment, inflation, taxes etc, credited with how economy is
chief of state, executive, diplomat, commander-in, legislator, party, guardian of economy