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Because of the ability of massage (particularly deep kneading) to increase the burning of glycogen in the muscles; massage ismost valuable inthe treatment of
Locomotor ataxia
Massage and joint movements are useful in treating chronic diseases of the heart by:
Relaxing valves of the heart
Anemia is not a what disorder
Diathetic disorder
In cases of exhaustion from excessive mental, nervous, or muscular work, the treawtment of choice is
General massage
The definition of kneading is alternate and intermittent compression of tissues by grasping or compressing tissues against underlying bony surfaces
Which is not a therapeutic application for fulling and skiin rolling
Muscle tension
When performing petrissage, tissue should be lifted from the bone in underlying tissues, rolled and streched in an _____ direction or from the point of ______
Which is not therapeutic application for chucking
Hidebound skin
It is always necessary to use two hands for chucking
which in not a therapeutic application for deep kneading
Hidebound skin
The realease of histamine caused by kneading is an example of a ______ physiological effect
Which form of percussion does kellogg say should be used before other procedures when the surface is cold
Which type pf percussion is know for its explosive effect and lound sound
Short-light or unprolonged percussion proceduces
A spasm of superficial vessels and a pallor
Which muscle group is stimulated when doing knee tendon reflex percussion
The quadriceps
Prolonged-light, or strong percussion produces
A dilation of surface vessels and reddening of the skin and possible paralysis of blood vessels
________ of the chest is used for unresolved pneumonia, adhesions from chronic pleurisy and in promoting absorption in cases of serous effusion into the pleural cavity
In bending over the patient, the body should be
Flexed at the hips
In this type of vibration, the palm of the hand or closed fist is placed firmly against the surface, the arm is held straight and vibratory movement is communicated to it
Deep vibration
When the palmar surface of t he hand is held upon the skin with sufficient firmness to prevent slipping and themovement is to and fro, this is
Which is not contraindication to application of vibration:
Acute inflammation
Morbid growths
To aid a condition of paralysis, kellogg recommends:
Light intermittent pressure
The procedure kellogg advates most for the condition of neralgia is
Nerve compression
Hyperaesthesia is best treated with
Passive touch
For the relief of cold surfaces, kellogg recommends
Firm, deep pressure on a nerve trunk
May paralyze nerve
Goiter would be a contraindication for what kellogg procedure
Nerve compression
Stroking applied to any area can be
2-3 minutes to 1/2 hour until desired effect is produced
What procedure indirectly affects the internal organs
Reflex stroking
The landmarks for long saphenous vein and short saphenous vein are ____ and ____ respectively
Anterior to the medial malleolus
Posterior to the lateral malleolus
A therapeutic application for friction would be
Cold surface
When superficial nerves are stimulated through the use of fricition to effect vasomotor centers the result is
Dialtaion of small vessels in the skin
Increased activity of perpheral circulation
The mechanical effects of moving blood and lymph along is ____ with the use of lubricant
All functions of the skin are affected by friction except
Vasoconstriction of superficial veins
Friction is used in alternation with what other kellog procedure
Using this procedure, one would stabilize the muscle underneath, grasp the muscle from above and then move the muscle up and down
Which is not a therapeutic appliation for fulling
Muscle tension
Fulling is not a form of what
Deep kneading
The physiological effect of deep kneading is
Increases circulation or
Increases cellular repiration
Grasping the tissue or compressing them against underlying bone describes
Deep kneading
Circular friction is applied to
Shaking is done by
Grasping head or extremity firmly and shaking with rapid vibratory movements
To increase the lubrication of the tibiofemoral joint, use
Flexion of the lower leg
Which stroking procedures are used for sleepesness
Digital stroking of head
Therapeutic applications for stroking include all but
Neuralgic pains
Nervous headache
Convulsive tic
Cutaneous congestion
Convulsive tic
What move is being resisted when your client has his knees 1/2 flexed and your hand is on the medial side of the knee
To apply joint movement of the elbow elmploy
For client who is paralyzed joint movement should be
Joint movement of the ankle (talocrural) include
Plantar flexion
Which of the following might cause your client to have respirartory distress
Talculm powder