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A disposition in favor of something, preference
Predilection (n)
To replace, to supersede, to appropriate
Preempt (v)
prior appropriation of or claim of something
To dress up, primp, groom oneself with elaborate care; in animals, to clean fur or feathers
Preen (v)
Knowing of events prior to their occurance
Prescience (N)
Overstepping bounds, as of proprity or courtesy; taking liberties
Presumptuous (adj)
To deliberately avoid the truth, mislead
Prevaricate (v)
Pure, uncorrupted, clean
Pristine (adj)
To pry, press or force with a lever
Prize (v)
Adherence to highest principles, uprightness
Probity (adj)
A natural predispopsion or inclination
Proclivity (n)
Recklessly wasteful, extravagant, profuse, lavish
Prodigal (adj)
Abundant in size, force, or extent; extraordinary
Prodigious (adj)