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Agreeably pungent, spicy, stimulating
Piquant (adj)
Resentment, feeling or irritation due to hurt pride
Pique (n)
To use or reproduce illegally
Pirate (v)
The essential or central part
Pith (n)
Precise and brief
To appease, to calm by making concessions
Placate (v)
Mournful, melancholy, sorrowful
Plaintive (adj)
Pounding, thundering, resounding
Plangent (adj)
Moldable, pliable, not rigid
Plastic (adj)
A superficial or trite remark, especially one offered as meaningful
Plattitude (n)
An overabundance, a surplus
Plethora (n)
Courage, spunk, fotitude
Pluck (n)