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Humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect, especially in literature and art, aslo something so bas as to be potentially mistaken for an intentional mackery
Parody (n)
To block, evade or ward off, as a blow
Parry (v)
Cheap, miserly
Parsimonious (adj)
One-sided, committted to a party, biased or prejudiced
Partisan (adj)

partisan (N)
Scarcity, a lakcing of
Paucity (adj)
A slight offense, literally, a minor sin
Peccadillo (n)
The art or profession of training, teaching, or instructing
Pedagogy (n)
Ostentatious display of learning, excessive attention ot miutiae and formal rules, unimaginative
pedantic (adj)
Comonplace, trite, unremarkable
Pedestrian (adj)
Strong inclination, a liking
Penchant (n)