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protomartyr n
The earliest victim in any cause
protocol n
A declaration or memorandum of agreement less solemn and formal than a treaty
protoplasm n
The substance that forms the principal portion of an animal or vegetable cell
prototype n
A work, original in character, afterward imitated in form or spirit
protract v
To prolong
protrude v
To push out or thrust forth
protrusion n
The act of protruding
protuberance n
Something that swells out from a surrounding surface
protuberant adj
protuberate v
To swell or bulge beyond the surrounding surface
proverb n
A brief, pithy saying, condensing in witty or striking form the wisdom of experience
provident adj
Anticipating and making ready for future wants or emergencies
providential adj
Effected by divine guidance
provincial adj
Uncultured in thought and manner
proviso n
A clause in a contract, will, etc , by which its operation is rendered conditional
provocation n
An action or mode of conduct that excites resentment
prowess n
Strength, skill, and intrepidity in battle
proximately adv
proxy n
A person who is empowered by another to represent him or her in a given matter
prudence n
prudential adj
Proceeding or marked by caution
prudery n
An undue display of modesty or delicacy
prurient adj
Inclined to lascivious thoughts and desires
pseudapostle n
A pretended or false apostle
pseudonym n
A fictitious name, especially when assumed by a writer
pseudonymity n
The state or character of using a fictitious name
psychiatry n
The branch of medicine that relates to mental disease
psychic adj
Pertaining to the mind or soul
psychopathic adj
Morally irresponsible
psychotherapy n
The treatment of mental disease
pudgy adj
Small and fat
puerile adj
pugnacious adj
puissant adj
Possessing strength
pulmonary adj
Pertaining to the lungs
punctilious adj
Strictly observant of the rules or forms prescribed by law or custom
punctual adj
Observant and exact in points of time
pungent adj
Affecting the sense of smell
pungency n
The quality of affecting the sense of smell
punitive adj
Pertaining to punishment
pupilage n
The state or period of being a student
purgatory n
An intermediate state where souls are made fit for paradise or heaven by expiatory suffering
purl v
To cause to whirl, as in an eddy
purloin v
To steal
purport n
purveyor n
one who supplies
pusillanimous adj
Without spirit or bravery
putrescent adj
Undergoing decomposition of animal or vegetable matter accompanied by fetid odors
pyre n
A heap of combustibles arranged for burning a dead body
pyromania n
An insane propensity to set things on fire
pyrotechnic adj
Pertaining to fireworks or their manufacture
pyx n
A vessel or casket, usually of precious metal, in which the host is preserved
quackery n
quadrate v
To divide into quarters
quadruple v
To multiply by four
qualification n
A requisite for an employment, position, right, or privilege
qualify v
To endow or furnish with requisite ability, character, knowledge, skill, or possessions
qualm n
A fit of nausea
quandary n
A puzzling predicament
quantity n
quarantine n
The enforced isolation of any person or place infected with contagious disease
quarrelsome adj
quarter n
One of four equal parts into which anything is or may be divided
quarterly adj
Occurring or made at intervals of three months
quartet n
A composition for four voices or four instruments
quarto n
An eight-page newspaper of any size
quay n
A wharf or artificial landing-place on the shore of a harbor or projecting into it
querulous adj
Habitually complaining
query v
To make inquiry
queue n
A file of persons waiting in order of their arrival, as for admittance
quibble n
An utterly trivial distinction or objection
quiescence n
quiescent adj
Being in a state of repose or inaction
quiet adj
Making no noise
quietus n
A silencing, suppressing, or ending
quintessence n
The most essential part of anything
quintet n
Musical composition arranged for five voices or instruments
quite adv
Quixotic adj
Chivalrous or romantic to a ridiculous or extravagant degree
rabid adj
Affected with rabies or hydrophobia
racy adj
Exciting or exhilarating to the mind
radiance n
Brilliant or sparkling luster
radiate v
To extend in all directions, as from a source or focus
radical n
One who holds extreme views or advocates extreme measures
radix n
That from or on which something is developed
raillery n
Good-humored satire
ramify v
To divide or subdivide into branches or subdivisions
ramose adj
rampant adj
Growing, climbing, or running without check or restraint
rampart n
A bulwark or construction to oppose assault or hostile entry
rancor n
rankle v
To produce irritation or festering
rapacious adj
Disposed to seize by violence or by unlawful or greedy methods
rapid adj
Having great speed
rapine n
The act of seizing and carrying off property by superior force, as in war
rapt adj
raptorial adj
Seizing and devouring living prey
ration v
To provide with a fixed allowance or portion, especially of food
rationalism n
The formation of opinions by relying upon reason alone, independently of authority
raucous adj
ravage v
To lay waste by pillage, rapine, devouring, or other destructive methods
ravenous adj
Furiously voracious or hungry
ravine n
A deep gorge or hollow, especially one worn by a stream or flow of water
reaction n
Tendency towards a former, or opposite state of things, as after reform, revolution, or inflation
reactionary adj
Pertaining to, of the nature of, causing, or favoring reaction
readily adv
Without objection or reluctance
readjust v
To put in order after disarrangement
ready adj
In a state of preparedness for any given purpose or occasion
realism n
The principle and practice of depicting persons and scenes as they are believed really to exist
rearrange v
To arrange again or in a different order
reassure v
To give new confidence
rebellious adj
rebuff n
A peremptory or unexpected rejection of advances or approaches
rebuild v
To build again or anew
rebut v
To oppose by argument or a sufficient answer
recant v
To withdraw formally one's belief (in something previously believed or maintained)
recapitulate v
To repeat again the principal points of
recapture v
To capture again
recede v
To move back or away
receivable adj
Capable of being or fit to be received - often money
receptive adj
Having the capacity, quality, or ability of receiving, as truths or impressions
recessive adj
Having a tendency to go back
recidivist n
A confirmed criminal
reciprocal adj
Mutually interchangeable or convertible
reciprocate v
To give and take mutually
reciprocity n
Equal mutual rights and benefits granted and enjoyed
recitation n
The act of reciting or repeating, especially in public and from memory
reck v
To have a care or thought for
reckless adj
Foolishly headless of danger
reclaim v
To demand or to obtain the return or restoration of
recline v
To cause to assume a leaning or recumbent attitude or position
recluse n
One who lives in retirement or seclusion
reclusory n
A hermitage
recognizance n
An acknowledgment entered into before a court with condition to do some particular act
recognize v
To recall the identity of (a person or thing)
recoil v
To start back as in dismay, loathing, or dread
recollect v
To recall the knowledge of
reconcilable adj
Capable of being adjusted or harmonized
reconnoiter v
To make a preliminary examination of for military, surveying, or geological purposes
reconsider v
To review with care, especially with a view to a reversal of previous action
reconstruct v
To rebuild
recourse n
Resort to or application for help in exigency or trouble
recover v
To regain
recreant n
A cowardly or faithless person
recreate v
To refresh after labor
recrudescence n
The state of becoming raw or sore again
recrudescent adj
Becoming raw or sore again
recruit v
To enlist men for military or naval service
rectify v
To correct
rectitude n
The quality of being upright in principles and conduct
recuperate v
To recover
recur v
To happen again or repeatedly, especially at regular intervals
recure v
To cure again
recurrent adj
Returning from time to time, especially at regular or stated intervals
redemption n
The recovery of what is mortgaged or pledged, by paying the debt
redolent adj
Smelling sweet and agreeable
redolence n
Smelling sweet and agreeable
redoubtable adj
redound n
redress v
To set right, as a wrong by compensation or the punishment of the wrong-doer
reducible adj
That may be reduced
redundance n
redundant adj
Constituting an excess
reestablish v
To restore
refer v
To direct or send for information or other purpose
referrer n
One who refers
referable adj
referee n
An umpire
refinery n
A place where some crude material, as sugar or petroleum, is purified
reflectible adj
Capable of being turned back
reflection n
The throwing off or back of light, heat, sound, or any form of energy that travels in waves
reflector n
A mirror, as of metal, for reflecting light, heat, or sound in a particular direction
reflexible adj
Capable of being reflected
reform n
Change for the better
reformer n
One who carries out a reform
refract v
To bend or turn from a direct course
refractory adj
Not amenable to control
refragable adj
Capable of being refuted
refringency n
Power to refract
refringent adj
Having the power to refract
refusal n
Denial of what is asked
refute v
To prove to be wrong
regale v
To give unusual pleasure
regalia n
Pl The emblems of royalty
regality n
regenerate v
To reproduce
regent n
One who is lawfully deputized to administer the government for the time being in the name of the ruler
regicide n
The killing of a king or sovereign
regime n
Particular conduct or administration of affairs
regimen n
A systematized order or course of living with reference to food, clothing and personal habits
regiment n
A body of soldiers
regnant adj
Exercising royal authority in one's own right
regress v
To return to a former place or condition
regretful adj
Feeling, expressive of, or full of regret
rehabilitate v
To restore to a former status, capacity, right rank, or privilege
reign v
To hold and exercise sovereign power
reimburse v
To pay back as an equivalent of what has been expended
rein n
A step attached to the bit for controlling a horse or other draft-animal
reinstate v
To restore to a former state, station, or authority
reiterate v
To say or do again and again
rejoin v
To reunite after separation
rejuvenate v
To restore to youth
rejuvenescence n
A renewal of youth
relapse v
To suffer a return of a disease after partial recovery
relegate v
To send off or consign, as to an obscure position or remote destination
relent v
To yield
relevant adj
Bearing upon the matter in hand
reliance n
reliant adj
Having confidence
relinquish v
To give up using or having
reliquary n
A casket, coffer, or repository in which relics are kept
relish v
To like the taste or savor of
reluctance n
reluctant adj
remembrance n
reminiscence n
The calling to mind of incidents within the range of personal knowledge or experience
reminiscent adj
Pertaining to the recollection of matters of personal interest
remiss adj
remission n
Temporary diminution of a disease
remodel v
remonstrance n
remonstrant adj
Having the character of a reproof
remonstrate v
To present a verbal or written protest to those who have power to right or prevent a wrong
remunerate v
To pay or pay for
remuneration n
Renaissance n
The revival of letters, and then of art, which marks the transition from medieval to modern time
rendezvous n
A prearranged place of meeting
rendition n
renovate v
To restore after deterioration, as a building
renunciation n
An explicit disclaimer of a right or privilege
reorganize v
To change to a more satisfactory form of organization
reparable adj
Capable of repair
reparation n
The act of making amends, as for an injury, loss, or wrong
repartee n
A ready, witty, or apt reply
repeal v
To render of no further effect
repel v
To force or keep back in a manner, physically or mentally
repellent adj
Having power to force back in a manner, physically or mentally
repentance n
Sorrow for something done or left undone, with desire to make things right by undoing the wrong
repertory n
A place where things are stored or gathered together
repetition n
The act of repeating
repine v
To indulge in fretfulness and faultfinding
replenish v
To fill again, as something that has been emptied
replete adj
Full to the uttermost
replica n
A duplicate executed by the artist himself, and regarded, equally with the first, as an original
repository n
A place in which goods are stored
reprehend v
To find fault with
reprehensible adj
reprehension n
Expression of blame
repress v
To keep under restraint or control
repressible adj
Able to be kept under restraint or control