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What are the other names for ACE?
peptidyl dipeptidas, kininase II
What does AT II do?
vasoconstriction and release of Aldosterone
What does ATII work on?
AT1 Angiotensin receptor coupled to Gq ptn
What are the AII receptor blockers?
Losartan, valsartan
What does blocking AT effects do?
compensatory inc in renin and ATI
What is responsible for breaking down Bradykinin?
What does bradykinin cause?
edema and PAIN
What is endothelin?
a potent, long lasting vasoconstrictor
What does ANP or BNP do?
vasodilate, inc GFR, inhibit Na reabs, inhibit renin
What is bosantan?
Endothelin receptor ETA, ETB antagonist
What is VIP?
a potent vasodilator fron in CNS, PNS, and Gut
What is Subst P?
vasodilator on arterioles
What is NPY?
a vasoconstrictor
What else to ACE I do
inhibit degradtion of bradykinin, subs P, enkephalin