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What is the desirable range for LDL?
What is the desirable range of HDL?
What is the near optimal level of LDL?
What is the desirable level for TG?
What is the borderline high level for LDL?
What is the borderline high level for TG?
What is the high level for LDL?
What is the very high level for LDL?
What is the very high leve for TG?
What is the high level for TG?
What the non-medicinal treatments of hypercholesterolemia?
reduction in dietary cholesterol, wt loss, and exercise
What is the first line drug for hypercholesterolemia?
What are the non-medicinal treatments for hypertriglycerides?
low fat diets, exercise
What is the first line drug for hypertriglycerides?
fibrates, niacin
How do statins work?
inhibit HMG-CoA Reductase because they are HMG-CoA reductase
What are the three statins broken down by CYP3A4?
Simvastatin, Atorvastatin, Lovastatin
Which statins are degraded by CYP2C9?
Fluvastatin, rosuvastatin
Which statin would you use with a pt on verapamil?
Who would you prescribe statins for?
pregnant, kids, teens, liver dx, familial hypercholesterermia
What is the second line drug for hyperlipidemia?
bile acid-binding resins
How do bile acid-binding resins work?
bind neg charged bile salt preventing reabs--inc in chol-7-hydroxylase--inc bile acid synthesis--lowers liver chol--inc LDL R
What besides hyperlipidemia can bile acid-binding resins be used for?
relieve pruritus
What is niacin used for?
lower TG
What is the MOA of ezetimibe?
blocks chol abs, dec chol in liver, inc LDL r
What is the MOA of niacin?
inhibit lipolysis, inc 1/2 life of apoA1-inc HDL, dec Lp(a), dec LDL
What are the ADR of niacin?
GI distress, peptic ulcer exacerbation, gluc intolerance, urecemia
What drug is good at inc HDL because of an inc in apoAI and apoAII?
Which fibrate do you use with statins?
fenofibrate because gemfibrozil inc statin concentration