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Which is the most common capsule type of haemophilus influenzae?
What are the disease associated with b type haemophilus influenza?
meningitis, septic arthritis, epiglottitis, sepsis
What is the Hib vaccine?
hemophilus influenza b type vaccine combined with diptheria
What causes braziliam purpuric fever?
H. influenzae aegyptius
What are the virulence factors of H. influenzae?
polysac capsule, exotoxin, outer membrane ptns, pili
Why would a two year old present in the ER with a stridor, fever, sore throat?
H. influenza type b, epiglottitis
What does unencapsulated h. influenza cause?
sinusitis, otitis, exacerbation of chronic bronchitis
What is brazilian purpuric fever?
conjunctivitis, fever, petecheae, purpura, shock, death
What does H. influenza require of the blood?
factor X (hematin) and factor V (NAD)
What do you use to treat H. influenza?
ampicillin, cephalosporins, tetracclin, fluoroquinolones
What do H. aphrophilus and H. parainfluenzae cause?
What does H. ducreyi cause?
STD, painful genital ulcers with LAD, inc risk of HIV transfection
What are the four virulence factors of bordetella?
pertussin toxin, FHA, Extracytoplasmic AC, Tracheal cytotoxin
How does pertussin toxin work?
Subunit B and A inc AC-inc cAMP-in PKA-in P of enzymes---inhibits phagocytosis, increase lymphocytosis
How does extracytoplasmic AC work?
grenades, impairs H2O2 and SOD
How does FHA work?
Help bind bug to surface for releasing toxins
How does tracheal cytotoxin work?
destroy ciliated cells, can't be removed from tract
What is Dieterle's Silver stain used to detect?
Legionella pneumophilia
What causes Pontiac Fever?
Legionella pneumophila
What is Pontiac Fever?
headache, muscle ache, fatigue, fever, chills
What is Legionnaires disease?
High fever, severe pneumonia
What is the treatment for legionnaires disease?
What are the virulence factors of legionaires diseas?
hemolysin, capsule, motile
What type of media do you need for legionella?
buffered charcoal yeast extract agar
What can be seen on urinalysis of a person with legionella?
L. pheumophila serotype 1