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gay 1890s
NOT so gay afterall. decade of "contrasts and crises"

rich v. poor
congress focussed on:
veterans pensions, trusts, tariffs, the money question, and rights for lbacks.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
declared illegal "every contract, combination....or conspiracy in restrait of trade comerce."

-initial attempt to restrain large businesses

yet the law was not by any means enforced: ie United States v. E.C. Knight, surpreme court ruled that the American SUger Refining Company, which controlled more than 9- percent of the nation's sugar-refining capacity, was not in violation
McKinley Tariffs
other nations moving away from free trade, towards nationalism, so to compete we have tarifs, farmers don't like it because it doesnt apply to them
Sherman Silver Purchase Act
ordered congress to buy silver and then issue money on it
Black rights
fa get a bout it

republicans traded that with McKinley tariff to pass
People's party
established when Leonidas Polk, former head of National Farmers Alliance, runs for president. he dies but is replaced with a union solider for prez and a confed for vp.

reflected this sentiment "we breed two great classes, paupers and millionairs."

supported direct democracy , stuff for workers (8 hour day, immigration restriction) graduated income tax, government ownership of railroads, telephones, and telegraph

not a success, tho they had considerable electoral votes
Depression of 1893
started in Europe, people began to guy less american manufactured goods
foreing investors got rid of US currency cause they were afraid it was no good with SHerman silver act

everyone loses joba

WOrlds Columbian Expostion: reflected disparity between wealthy and poor: at time of depressioin, people drinking pink champagne while a mile away people r drinking contaiminated water
Jacob Coxey
leads march of unemployed to washinton- is arrested for stepping on grass.
Election of 1896
became a battle between silver and gold

republicans nominate McKinley; high protective tariff guy

populists and dems elect silver guys

republicans fight hard, financed by Standard oil and railways

mcKinley had people come to him
bryan (populest) gave as many as 30 speaches a day