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The Indian Question:
basically indians got fucked
in califonia, disease raped them after gold rush

indians dependant on buffalo, follow them whereever nessicary

capitolists wanted plain states to have industrius white citizens

white people destroy herds of buffalo
General Sherman and the reds
basically, since they got shifted into lands that were no good, they eventually returned, but sherman wasn't gonna have it so he said "the more we kill this year the less we have to kill next year."

directed Sheridan to do dirty work, who then sluaghtered indians in winter
Francis Amaza Walker
basically proposed indian prisons
Sovereign nations
in 1871 congress abandoned treating indians like seperate countries
Dawes Severalty Act of 1887
meant to break up tribal mass
reservation policy abandoned
Secretary of State William Seward
imaged AMerica with commanding sway in the world, controlling pacific, islands and continents. he purchased alaska and russia in 1967. got island at midway, wanted to annex cuba and other caribean islands....ultimatley "control of the world."
annex caribean
supporters of grant in 1870 wanted to annex caribean

opponents argued that this contradicted the american ideals of self-goverence.

instead, chose to dominate/build canal
built of sugar cane interests, evetually got millitary base
expansionism for eveyrone
europeans divide up asia, africa
American influence in central america
cleveland increased american influence in central america, attempting to oust the british.
American expansionism in general
week, poor diplomacy (didnt speak languages) and very small army (bulgaria had a larger one)
1890s American economy
producing losts. facories producing more than americans can consume, bound be big player in trade
Commercial expansionsism 1890s
businessmen had dreams of commercial empire in carribean and pacific. knew that this required stronger navy- challenged isolationism
anti-commerical expansinoism
prefered traditional trade with canada and Europe,

saw that trade in Carribean and Asia got america involved in unnesicary wars
economic potential
american business men saw that asia had a lot of economic potential
challenging isolationism
1898, state dep "we can no longer afford to disregard stinterantinoal rivalries now thta we ourselves have become a competitor in the world-wide struggle for trade"
thus the national state should support commercial interests
more than commerical interests
Roosevelt and Cabot wanted expansionism for more than just making money, but for "territorial and political interests," in other words, for national honor

Alfred THayer Mahan advocated colonies in Caribbean and Pacific, linked by canal controlled by US
white mans burden
to uplift o\ther shitty nations
religious expansionism
argued that America was divinely commisioned to spead political liberty, Protestant Christianity and civilied values

went especailly to china
popular politics and expansionism
popular politics played a role, since news papers had become more abundant and competitve, like the Journal and the World, so american citizens reader about foriegn affairs alot
overview of reasons/motives to expand: (!!)
politics, profits, patriotism, piety
Cuba and General Weyler
revolt in cuba in 1895, spain sends Weyler

WEyler heards cubans into concentration camps

americans express outrage and sympathy

americans raise money and food for relief
americans have interest in sugar plantations production

clevland wants to avoid war to heal economy after depression, but sugar interests and national pride/humanitarism made war inevitable

spanish minister sends letter calling americans week, is publiciszed

rioting in havanna, US ship MAINE sent to habor to protect US citizens, but is blown up.
blamed on spain.
people are infuriated (though it may not have been the spanish)

roosevelt sends pacific fleet to Phillipines

Aprill 11, 1898, Congress authorizes use of force and recognizes cuban independence
reaction from europe: the cuban situation
"it is high time that we monarchs ....agree jointly to offer our help to the Queen in case American-British Society for International Theft and Warmongering looks as if it seriously intends to snatch Cuba from Spain.

but spain left without help
Spanish American War
won easily and quickly, took control of Puerto rico and guam and cuba

roosevelt uses war to advance his political standing

on May 1st, 1898 Dewey destroyes Spanish fleet in Manila bay, then cabled for more troups

Treaty of Paris: gave United Startes all of the islands in exchange for 20 million bucks in payment to spain
Debate of Annexation of Phillipes
those for it said that Filipinos were dirty, just like niggers, and did not deserve to rule the country.

anti-imprerialists, like Cleveland, Carnegia, and Twain, said that it unprecedented, unconstituional, contradicted American DOI, and that at this point they needed to focus on American problems

this last argument proven true during fillipino-american war- people died and cost lots of money

american general said "the more you kill and burn, the more you will please me"
the results of debacle in phillipines
revieled american hypocrasy

revealed hypocrisys of the "white man's burden" idea

as Carmegie wrote "8,000 of them have been completley civilsed and sent to heaven"
roosvelt becomes president
roosevelt rose fast to become govereur of new york, and MCkinley saw him as a threat. so they decided to bring him in as VP, but McKinley gets killed, and so roosevelt becomes president
roosvelts presidency
president 1901-1909

beomes world policeman

builds panama canal

1850 treaty with britian made it dual build
1901 cancled treaty so long as all nations could go through
Panama canal
although a french firm had already begun in panama, it was a columbian province, and the columbians rejected american terms

america vsupports panamanian nationalists, helps them revolt, 1903

french company signs treaty, allows america the canal

panamanians later call it
"the treaty that no panamanian signed"