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When viewing the MFD synoptic page what is the meaning of a green cockpit pressure indication
Min OK for 3 crewmembers
1150 psi
When viewing the MFD synoptic page what is the meaning of a cyan cockpit pressure indication
Min OK for 2 crewmembers
842 psi
When viewing the MFD synoptic page what is the meaning of a amber cockpit pressure indication
No dispatch
How long do the PBE's provide O2
15 minutes
Will the PBE's provide positive pressure O2 up to our service ceiling
How long do the PAX O2 masks provide O2
12 minutes
What is the normal pressure of the portable O2 bottles
1800 psi
Portable O2 bottles minimum pressure for dispatch is
The crew O2 masks provide what type of O2 flow
Pressure on demand or constant flow
The crew O2 must be at what PSI
1850 psi
77 cubic ft bottle
Where is the crew O2 stored
FWD Cargo bay
When will the crew O2 automatically switch to pressure demand
Above FL310
What type of O2 are the PX provided
PX activated chemical generated, diluted constant flow, which lasts for 12 minutes
When would the PX masks auto deploy
Cabin altitude exceeds 14,000 feet and the MASKS DEPLOY is in the AUTO MODE
What does OVRD do on the PX O2 panel in the cockpit
Deploys the masks
When the crew mask are in the normal mode what does this mean
Oxygen/air mixture
Where can O2 pressure be read
MFD status page
How can the flight crew monitor PX O2 deployment
-EICAS message
-Indicator light on overhead panel
When will the PX mask autodeploy and how long will the O2 last
-Cabin altitude of 14000
-12 minutes