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What did ox-cart man purchase?
He purchased a kettle, an embroidery needle, a Barlow knife and two pounds of winter green peppermint candies.
Where did Ox-cart man's journey come to?
Portsmouth and the market there.
Where and for how many days did the ox-cart man walk?
He walked for ten days at the head of the ox.
What began to happen with the ox-cart man and his family?
They used the new supplies (needle, knife, kettle)and began making all the items sold at the market all over again.
What did the family do in March?
Tapped sugar maple trees and boiled the sap down.
What did the family do in May?
They planted turnips, potatoes, and cabbages.
What did the family do in April?
They sheared the sheep, spun yarn, and wove and knitted.
What were some of the items the Ox-cart man packed?
A bag of wool, a shawl, five pairs of mittens, candles, linen, shingles, birch brooms, potatoes, a barrel of apples, honey and honeycombs,turnips and cabbage, maple sugar, and goose feathers.
What happened in May?
Apple blossoms bloomed and fell, bees woke up to make honey, and geese dropped feathers.
What did the ox-cart man sell?
Everything he had packed plus the boxes, barrels and bag the items were in. He also sold his ox and the ox's yoke and harness.
How did the ox-cart man get home?
He walked.