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one that goes on land to further owner's business; duty is to exercise reasonble care to keep premises safe, duty to inspect to find hidden dangers
social guest that enters w/ owner's permission, but for their own purpose; duty is to warn of hidden dangers that are unknown to licensee
no permission to enter- if owner is unaware of presence, owner owes no duty; if owner is aware of presence, duty is to use reasonble care for the trespasser's safety
Natural Hazard
if hazardous condition exists naturally on the land, no duty to remove it or guard against it UNLESS tree
Artificial Hazard
Where the hazardous condition is artificially created, owner has general duty to prevent an unreasonable risk of harm
Children Trespassers- When is duty owed?
(1) owner knows children likely to trespass
(2) owner has reason to know unreasonable risk
(3) injured child does not discover position/ reason to know dangerous
(4) BPL