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Describe Hester's blossoming career.
She is a rock star performing under the name Hester the Molester.
What "visitation" by Owen's spirit did John feel while visiting 80 Front Street?
He nearly falls down a passageway and feels an invisible hand catching him.
How did Harriet Wheelwright die?
watching television in a nursing home
What does Dan Needham encourage John to do when John goes back to visit?
Dan encourages him to "forgive and forget" and move on in the wake of Owen's death. Dan would like John to move back to Gravesend.
Who does not attend Owen's funeral? Why?
Hester, who stated when she advised Owen against going to Vietnam that she would not support his decision and would not attend his funeral if and when he died there
What fact about Owen does Mr. Meany confirm for John after Owen's death?
that Owen was a virgin birth
How does John find out who his father is?
He is visiting Pastor Merrill when suddenly the pastor begins speaking in Owen's voice, directing Johnny to a drawer in his desk where John finds the baseball that kills his mother. He now understands that Pastor Merrill was his father and the man his mother waved to before John died. The reverend confirms this suspicion.
How is Pastor Merrill's faith in God finally restored?
John places the dressmaker's dummy outside the reverend's window, throws the baseball at that window, and when Pastor Merrill sees the dummy wearing Tabitha Wheelwright's red dress, he believes she has been resurrected.
How does Mrs. Meany die?
She is burnt at home when Owen's war memorial flag catches on fire.
Who is Dick Jarvits?
the macho, hulking 15 year old brother of a deceased soldier, whose family Owen worked with
What does Major Rawls do on the day of Owen's death?
drives John to the airport
How does the Shot come in useful right before Owen dies?
John lifts Owen up so that he can place the grenade outside the window of the bathroom.
Where does John mention bringing the girls from the Bishop Strachan School?
to one of Hester the Molester's concerts
How does John think Hester feels about Owen's death?
She feels like Owen left her behind.
How is Thomas Hardy involved in the story?
John wrote his Master's degree thesis on Hardy's works.
Who is Eleanor Pribst?
A new faculty member at the Bishop Strachan School who bothers John with her sexual bullying and snobbish notions about literature.
What happens when John attends the war protest in Washington, DC?
He feels left out because the majority of the protesters are simply afraid to be drafted while for John that is not a possibility because of his finger.
What had Owen done to the dressmaker's dummy?
attached Mary Magdalene's arms to it
What does John see as a miracle that Pastor Merrill does not?
Owen's prediction of his own death
How was Pastor Merrill's faith in God shattered?
Pastor Merrill wished for Tabitha Wheelwright's death right before it happened, and he felt that after that God turned on him.
What does Mr. Meany always wear after Owen dies?
Owen's war medal
What is Owen's job in the military?
returning dead bodies of soldiers to their families
How do nuns become involved in Owen's death?
There are nuns escorting a group of Vietnamese refugee children, the same ones that Owen saves from the grenade in the bathroom. They rush to Owen's aid as he dies.
Who tosses the grenade that killed Owen?
Dick Jarvits
What does Major Rawls do to Dick Jarvits?
killed him with a machete